Viewing a Life through Paper

Viewing a Life through Paper

The Sunday Paper #178, October 8, 2017

Paper of the Week: Twelve Months of Paper Launch!

It’s coming! The Twelve Months of Paper Calendar is at the printer, and I’ll be viewing the proofs on Monday! Hop on over to read all about it and place your order. Calendars will start shipping in early November, but if you plan to get one (or more) please pre-order now – this will help me determine how many paper packs I need to assemble and will give me more lead time for packaging and shipping them off to you. I appreciate it! I’d also love it if you tell your paper-loving friends about the calendar!


In the Studio:

Here’s a video I made about the calendar. Have a look and learn about the four packages I’m offering.

Papery Tidbits

  • Vail Valley Peeps: Get a head start on the holiday season at the Alpine Arts Center. We’ll spend three Thursday evenings creating several of the projects featured in the Twelve Months of Paper Calendar. Paper fun for adults & kids!
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  • We’re busy making paper lanterns in my online class, and I put this pinterest board together for inspiration.

Artist Fritzi Huber passed an abandoned house on her daily walks and got curious. Check out how she documented the life of Mary Nixon that might otherwise have been lost (the house is now gone). Through her project, Huber recreated a sense of Mary’s life together and documented it for all of us to see.

Do you know about the wandering book artists, Peter and Donna Thomas? For part of the year, they drive their colorful vehicle around the country, lecturing, exhibiting and teaching workshops. Here’s an article about their recent visit to Swarthmore. You can follow there adventures on facebook – search for Wandering Book Artists.

Peace Paper brings papermaking to the masses, often as a therapeutic activity. This week, they were working with students in Illinois, giving them a creative outlet during midterms.

Jane Ingram Allen recently created a “flower bed” with a “living quilt” during her residency in Newnan, Georgia, with the cooperation and participation of community people and Newnan Master Gardeners.  The quilt is created with handmade paper from local plant materials dyed with non-toxic dye and has seeds for Southeastern wildflowers in the paper pulp in the same colors as the quilt pattern. This artwork will change over time into a living, blooming artwork. The headboard and footboard are woven with local branches and vines, and the “bed” is formed with soil and wood planks. The piece is installed in a public park in downtown Newnan, Georgia, near the corner of College and Temple Avenues.

Joseph Choma’s piece Chakrasana currently graces the Clemson University campus, and although it isn’t paper, he used paper folding techniques and principles to create it. It must be stunning to walk through!


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