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The Sunday Paper #110, June 5, 2016
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Paper of the Week: Net Paper from The Papierwespe in Vienna
Netz zweilagig Abaca-BW lichtdurchlässig
I’ve had the good fortune of visiting the Paperiewespe in Vienna twice now and am always impressed with how the proprietor (Beatrix Mapalagama) runs her space! She creates an interesting plan each year with new and exciting workshops (often featuring other instructors), open studios, and a nice selection of paper products in her little shop. Plus she makes some really unique papers! The one pictured here is a translucent double layer of abaca: one thin layer is made on the screen you see below and is then couched onto a second solid backing sheet.


In the Studio:
I’ve got two recent college grads, Eden Marek and Tracy Norman, in and around the studio this summer, which is a lot of fun. I enjoy company in the studio, since it is otherwise quite solitary.
Eden Marek and Tracy Norman

  • Have you seen my educational and art videos? You can download all three for $12.99 through They are also available individually for less, or you can just watch the trailers – that’s free!
  • Paper Talk (my new podcast series) features Tim Barrett from the University of Iowa Center for the Book this month. Have a listen!

Okay, this is too cool: a book vending machine! How about one of you entrepreneurs out there making a paper vending machine? Let’s see, what could be dispensed: plant papers made from hemp, recycled papers, cool paper products…
Special thanks to the reader who sent me the link to this music video that promotes a new album by the Canadian band Walk Off the Earth. What a clever video featuring cardboard boxes, and I love their music too!

Did you see the Google Doodle this week featuring Lotte Reiniger? Here’s what one of my FB friends typed about Reiniger: “The doodle honors the birthday of German director Lotte Reiniger (6-2-99 to 6-19-81) who made the first animated feature film in 1926. Cinema historians and Wikipedia refuse to give her full credit, saying only that she is the maker of the oldest surviving feature-length animated film. But they never mention what that refers to and they often go on to say “Many consider Walt Disney’s 1937 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs the first animated feature film.” Nope. It was a woman director folks! Lotte Reiniger!”
Lotte google doodle
Two shows open at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art this weekend. One of them is curated by Donna Seager and includes a piece of mine: the inflatable Text Ball.

Taro Hattori, Obscenity Version 1 (detail), 2010, Cardboard, 20 x 20 x 4 feet, Courtesy of the Artist. Installation view at Headlands Center for the Arts.

Taro Hattori, Obscenity Version 1 (detail), 2010, Cardboard, 20 x 20 x 4 feet, Courtesy of the Artist. Installation view at Headlands Center for the Arts.

I discovered this weekly roundup recently, from the American Craft Council: The Week in Craft is your weekly dose of links about craft, art, design, and whatever else we’re excited about sharing.
It’s been a great week for paper!

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