Twelve Months of Paper Sale!

Twelve Months of Paper Sale!

The Sunday Paper #184, November 26, 2017

Paper of the Week: Twelve Months of Paper Calendar

There’s a Black Friday/Small Biz Saturday/Hey Today’s Sunday!/Cyber Monday SALE on calendars going on in my online shop. I hope you know by now that these are really how-to books with evergreen content, but of course I’d love to get as many of them as I can hanging on walls around the world in 2018! Stock up today with these specials, and get busy creating with paper:

For every purchase you make this weekend, choose a gift at checkout (valued at up to $39)

Gift #1: An additional Calendar (a unique holiday gift)

Gift #2: A Custom Paper Pack (everything you need to make the projects in the calendar)

Gift #3: Enrollment in the Twelve Months of Paper Online Class

There’s more! FREE SHIPPING – sorry, US only – on orders over $99.

Stock up on papery holiday gifts!


In the Studio:

I’ve been busy creating the video lessons for the Twelve Months of Paper Online Class which begins on Friday (the link takes you to a video about the class – sign up for free with a purchase – see Gift #3 above). Here you see a snapshot of the Falling Leaves Folding Screen, which is the October project, in progress.

Papery Tidbits

  • I sent this special note of thanks to my newsletter subscribers this week and wanted to share it with you, my dear blog readers too (Some of you subscribe to both. If you don’t, you can subscribe to my newsletter at the bottom of the page after reading the note).
  • There’s a new episode of Paper Talk, my podcast series featuring artists and professionals who are working in the field of hand papermaking. In episode #19 I’m talking with Shawn Sheehy, a Chicago paper artist who uses pop-ups to take full advantage of the expressive potential of a book’s imagery, allowing for moving, three-dimensional form within the book format.
  • Check out my online photo album about the annual Red Cliff Paper Retreat. Registration for the 2018 retreats (Sept 7-9 and Sept 11-13) opens soon!

This is a great headline: Social media’s made the ancient art of paper-folding trendy. Hats off to Ross Symon’s who has gained 105,000 Instagram followers (um, yes, you can make that number go higher). This article also profiles another Capetown artist, Sanae Sawada, who uses origami in her installations and her art outreach project called The Butterfly Guild.

Speaking of butterflies, check out this work by Liz Mitchell, who creates work that is multi-layered both in content and construction.

Liz Mitchell, The Butterfly Kimono, 2009, silk paper, encaustic wax, monofilament, cotton gauze, variable size installation (kimono is 4½ ft x 4 ft)

I wish I’d been able to attend this unique community project at Art Produce in San Diego. Bhavna Mehta knows how to cut paper to wear!

This looks like a cool exhibition: Paper is Part of the Picture showcases 100 years of sample and sales books from Strathmore paper company at Opalka Gallery. Eons ago, when I worked for a design company in NYC, Strathmore hosted a weekend visit to their mill which was both educational and fun! Their sales rep met us at Grand Central Station and they put us up in a cozy cabin in the woods. I wonder if they are still hosting those weekends – it’s so important for designers to understand the materials they work with!

Now, I am not a proponent of smoking, but Karma Tips is trying to do good with something they feel won’t go away: after discovering that cigarette butt litter constitutes a major part of the total coastal trash (second only to plastics) they decided to manufacture cigarette filter tips that are completely biodegradable and made of natural cotton and vegetable pulp to create a highly absorbent paper that is embedded with seeds. Butts to buds!

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