Three Days in Santa Fe

Three Days in Santa Fe

Today’s blog post is short and (hopefully) sweet. I drove to Santa Fe last Thursday, where I did one-day workshop for the Santa Fe Community College papermaking class and gave a lecture and a two-day workshop for the Santa Fe Book Arts Group. I’m home already – it was a whirlwind!
I enjoyed two morning runs by the traditional adobe architecture in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.
The community college had a nice papermaking facility, and we packed it with students!
Twelve of them filled the space, each with their own vat and couching station. The workshop involved abaca (aka the incredible translucent shrinking material).
Amongst the supplies that students could bring to the workshop were materials for inclusion. Suzanne won the prize for the most unique collection.
There was some alternative shifu making…
which resulted in this three dimensional form.
Pressing took place in the courtyard.
next to these interesting winter gardens.
The abaca was translucent and shrinking took placeIMG_4328At the end there was clean-up.
IMG_4337and show and tell (most people made paper the second day, but Maia turned hers into a lamp and some lanterns).
IMG_4338All in all, it was a great weekend in good company! Many thanks to my hostesses, Marci Easterbrook and Marilyn Chambers, and to Santa Fe… I look forward to seeing you again.
What is one of your favorite papermaking workshop memories?


  1. Shirah Miriam Aumann (Mimi) says:

    Great blog post!! I love it when each student can have their own work station, with mould/deckle, vat and couching board! They do indeed have a great papermaking facility at the community college! Mimi

  2. Susan Rochester says:

    What a great journey, Helen! I love Santa Fe, and get homesick for it even though I’ve never lived there.
    I had the privilege of taking papermaking from Margaret Prentice in a one week intersession class when I was a student at the University of Oregon. We met for at least 8 hours a day for a full week. It was amazing. On the second day, I couldn’t figure out why my whole body hurt–then realized it was from the physical exertions we’d gone through the day before! It was one of the most intense and worthwhile experiences I’ve gone through.

  3. daria says:

    this looks absolutely wonderful!