The Sunday Paper, 1 (3),

The Sunday Paper, 1 (3),

Love Boston, history, architecture, pop ups? Support The Freedom Trail Pop-Up Book kickstarter project and acquire a copy of what looks to be a spectacular book.

Denise Price & the Massachussetts State House

Denise Price & the Massachussetts State House

More pop-ups in this article about Colette Fu’s work. You can learn how to make a building like this in a project Colette contributed for my book Playing With Pop-Ups


 The 9/11 Memorial Museum opens on May 21st and the only artwork commissioned for the museum involves paper: “Trying To Remember the Color of the Sky on That September Morning” is a monumental but at the same time delicate work made up of 2,983 individual squares of Fabriano Italian paper — one square for every person killed in the Sept. 11 attacks and in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center — each hand-painted a different shade of blue by Spencer Finch.


Black & White is a lovely book recently published by Jennie Frederick about her paper, wax and kozo constructions. View every page on-line and order a copy!



Papermaking resources: this is an extensive list of hand papermaking resources by May Babcock, including publications, organizations, museums, studios, mills, schools, supplies & equipment.


About The Sunday Paper: They keep saying that paper will become obsolete, yet artists, craftspeople, designers and creatives are keeping it alive and well. A healthy number of people are even making paper by hand (in some cultures they are still using age-old traditions). How cool is that? The Sunday PAPER is a resource for ideas and inspiration, all having to do with this amazing material. Each Sunday, starting with this edition, I’ll bring you stories and examples of people doing exciting, innovative, and beautiful things with paper, as well as links to interesting paperfacts I’ve unearthed from around the globe. I hope you’ll enjoy reading this paper, Papier, papel, хартия, Papir,紙, Papper, פּאַפּיר… and don’t hesitate to leave your comments and suggestions below!



  1. June Tyler says:

    Thank-you for including my papermaking studio, Pondside Pulp and Paper, Norwich, NY, in your papermaking resources section of The Sunday Paper. The studio has been in operation since 1995. Best wishes on this exciting new endeavor!

    • Helen says:

      Hi June, the credit goes to May Babcock, who put together that nice resource list. It is on her website. All good wishes! Helen

  2. Thanks for writing about Denise Price’s Freedom Trail pop-up book. Hoping the Kickstarter campaign can get fully funded so we can all get a copy of the book! Looks like it would be a treasure for many who live in Boston and beyond.

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