The Sunday Paper, 1 (26),

The Sunday Paper, 1 (26),

This is the 26th edition of The Sunday Paper – it’s been half a year already! Today, I’m reporting from Lincoln, Nebraska, where I’m lecturing and teaching at the University of Nebraska and collaborating with master woodcut artist Karen Kunc who runs a fabulous facility called Constellation Studios.

The Liter of Light Project is so intriguing on many levels.I had to watch the video to see how to make light with an empty plastic bottle, a liter of water, and glue. This project’s mission is to light up households in parts of the world that do not have sustainable electricity, and thankfully they are doing it from the bottom up – with simple parts that are replaceable in the places that people are creating the light.


 I’m not a huge fan of guns, but check out this  machine gun that shoots paper airplanes. Watch the video to the end to see the how this gizmo folds and ejects the planes. It’s pretty cool (and by the way, I played with my fair share of cap guns as a kid)!

Those of you who followed my 100 x 100 Paper Weavings Project last year will know understand why I love this project by Ross Symons. He’s been posting a different origami figure on Instagram every day since the start of 2014ross-symons-origami-instagram-2


Parcheesi anyone? Years ago in Portland, I participated in a Handmade Holiday craftshow that I coordinated with a friend. We invited other artists and one year this artist came with her recycled handbags. I don’t recall her name, but I could never forget the company name – Mugwump – and I was so delighted to find that she’s still going strong. Mugwump has an assortment of recycled bags, and these game board bags are made from paper fiber! 



When I worked at Dieu Donné Papermill in the 1990’s, our building on Broome Street was owned by the daugther and son-in-law of Richard Pousette-Dart. I didn’t realize until I read the following article about a showing of his work in Philadelphia, that Pousette-Dart used handmade paper as a base for every technique and medium imaginable., including metal nib pens, ballpoint pens, graphite, transparent and opaque watercolor, crayon, oil paint, liquid wax, charcoal, colored ink, pastels, silver and gold metallic paint, and glitter paint—many of them at the same time. 

Have you heard about the new Playing With Paper Kits? They’re now available on-line! Six project-based kits featuring projects from my books, just in time for the holidays!

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About The Sunday Paper: They keep saying that paper will become obsolete, yet artists, craftspeople, designers and creatives are keeping it alive and well. A healthy number of people are even making paper by hand (in some cultures they are still using age-old traditions). How cool is that? The Sunday PAPER is a resource for ideas and inspiration, all having to do with this amazing material. Each Sunday, starting with this edition, I’ll bring you stories and examples of people doing exciting, innovative, and beautiful things with paper, as well as links to interesting paperfacts I’ve unearthed from around the globe. I hope you’ll enjoy reading this paper, Papier, papel, хартия, Papir,紙, Papper, פּאַפּיר… and don’t hesitate to click on the link to leave your comments and suggestions!


  1. Petrina says:

    Hello and hello Helen,
    Your blog is wonderful.
    I am writing to tell you there are few blogs I continue to subscribe to.
    Thank you for taking the time to create a very inspirational blog.
    Keep up the great work.
    Cannot wait to see more.
    Happy thoughts,

    • Helen says:

      Hi Petrina, thanks so much for your kind words! It helps me keep going… all the best! – Helen