The Sunday Paper, 1 (21),

The Sunday Paper, 1 (21),

Check out these light sculptures by Anke Neumann. Handmade paper rocks!



This clever gadget, the Junk Press, turns junk mail into coasters, bowls and plates. 




I just returned from the Movable Book Society conference in Philadelphia. I got to meet Monika Brandrup of Up With Paper, who I interviewed for Playing With Pop-Ups. Up With Paper produces a wondeful selection of pop-up greetings and has for many years. Find these snow globes and other three dimensional paper products at your favorite paper store.



I recently discovered these paper flowers by Arnold World. His message is stunning as are the flowers, which are made from paper towels!  



These pop-up origami characters by Brian Craik are pretty cute.

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  1. Mary C Leto says:

    Light Sculptures by Anke Neumann …mesmerizing .. just love the Sunday Paper !