The Sunday Paper, 1 (20),

The Sunday Paper, 1 (20),

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words… and the words that caught me with this ad were “like an ipad made of paper”. I love Moleskine, and I’m really tempted to purchase a Livescribe Smartpen. Has anyone tried it?


Artist Robbin Silverberg’s exhibition Reality is as Thin as Paper is now on view in Vienna at Gallery Druck und Buch. Robbin is one of a handful of artists whose artists’ books feature her own handmade papers. This link takes you to a catalog of Robbin’s books which are available through the gallery. 


Fellow paper artist and Coloradan Ray Tomasso has a new show opening at Ice Cube Gallery in Denver later this week. Check out this slide show of his work in progress or stop by the gallery on Friday, September 19th for the opening reception. 


Love the shadows and layering effects captured between the pages of these books by Yusuke Oono, as seen on Beautiful/Decay. 


Surely many of you have already seen this clever video from Ikea. Those of us in the field of making paper and books by hand could even take this parody one step further. Is anyone game? 


About The Sunday Paper: They keep saying that paper will become obsolete, yet artists, craftspeople, designers and creatives are keeping it alive and well. A healthy number of people are even making paper by hand (in some cultures they are still using age-old traditions). How cool is that? The Sunday PAPER is a resource for ideas and inspiration, all having to do with this amazing material. Each Sunday, starting with this edition, I’ll bring you stories and examples of people doing exciting, innovative, and beautiful things with paper, as well as links to interesting paperfacts I’ve unearthed from around the globe. I hope you’ll enjoy reading this paper, Papier, papel, хартия, Papir,紙, Papper, פּאַפּיר… and don’t hesitate to click on the link to leave your comments and suggestions!


  1. Thank you for your FB posts and your website, they keep me inspired and looking at more and more wonderful things! I love your work and have followed you for years!