The Sunday Paper, 1 (19),

The Sunday Paper, 1 (19),

There’s a new monograph out about the work of Irving Harper (as seen on Laughing Squid). Published by Rizzoli, this looks like a great book featuring a designer who has been making works in paper since 1964! . Here’s a short video about Harper’s 500 paper sculptures in his Rye, NY home. 


Check it out: an animated pop-up book which highlights the dangers of human trafficking.

Do you know about the wandering book artists, Peter & Donna Thomas?  They’re currently working their way across the US and are hosting public presentations along the way. I had a chance to tour their vehicle in Salt Lake City a couple of years ago and it was awesome! 


I love this use of origami in product design. This polygon measuring spoon by Rahul Agarwai turns into a spoon that measures teaspoons and tablespoons, depending on how you fold it.


Can you make this origami magic ball quickly, as advertised? I have to confess that I cannot. I got through making the pleats, but I always get stumped trying to pop those mountain and valley folds into position.

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