Online Events with Helen Hiebert

Book an online Zoom event with Helen Hiebert to celebrate the publication of her new book, The Art of Papercraft. Helen will teach participants how to make a project from the book during a lively hands-on workshop.

Duration: Two hours

Fee/Group Size:

  • $20/person with a minimum group size of 15
  • $40/person includes a copy of the book (10 book minimum order, shipped in bulk to one address). Your members are also welcome to order their own copies of the book.

Materials: A list of basic tools and materials will be supplied upon booking.


Please contact Helen to schedule your event.


About The Art of Papercraft:

Hiebert’s book celebrates the versatility of paper and the diverse ways in which a single sheet can be transformed, something she has been exploring since she was in college. Forty unique projects, designed by Hiebert and guest artists from around the world, show off dimensional techniques like origami, cutting, folding, quilling, stretching, weaving, and pop-ups. A rich variety of techniques will delight crafters, artists, and designers alike, including paper votive lights, pop-up cards, folded paper gift boxes and envelopes, woven paper wall hangings, miniature one-sheet books, and much more.


Workshop Options (These projects are in the book and would work well in the 2-hour Zoom format, but we can also customize these events for you):



WOVEN WALL HANGING: Create a woven wall hanging while learning an innovative paper weaving technique. It’s easier than it looks when you break it down into steps: 1. Cut curvy strips. 2. Weave them together. 3. Cut windows into your weaving to reveal what’s beneath and integrate the layers.





PLEATED LANTERN: I have long worked with fabric, sewing, embroidering, and more. One day, I was looking through a book about how to manipulate fabric with tucks, gathers, and pleats and was inspired to try pleating paper. In this workshop, I will show you how to pleat your own paper lantern and illuminate it.




MINI TUNNEL BOOK: Tunnel books are viewed through a hole in the cover and feature a series of pages that are joined by accordion folds, allowing the reader to see through the entire book at a glance and to open and close it like an accordion. Add your own photo or artwork to create your own unique tunnel book in this clever one-sheet variation.






TYVEK LANTERN: Explore Tyvek, a strong and fibrous paper-like material (you can use many other papers if you don’t have Tyvek on hand). Bring out its texture by staining it and discover the wonder of paper tessellations.