The 100th Issue of The Sunday Paper

The 100th Issue of The Sunday Paper

The Sunday Paper #100 – Let’s Have a Giveaway!

Wow, I can hardly believe that this is the 100th issue of The Sunday Paper! Special thanks to all of you for reading it and for sending your enthusiastic comments, suggestions and donations. Keep them coming! (If you’d like to donate, just click here). 

Blog Grand Prize

Grand Prize: I’ve put together a paper care package (pictured above) for one lucky Grand Prize Winner which includes a copy of Alpha Blocks, a Wish (this is the very first Wish in an upcoming series of wall pieces), a watermarked card and a copy of the Mother Tree Documentary

Door Prizes will go to five others who win the luck of the draw. You will each receive a download of my three films plus the latest project from the Custom Paper Pack

Enter to Win by leaving a comment about The Sunday Paper below. Double your chances by submitting a wish for The Wishing Wall. Entries must be received by midnight on Friday, April 1st (no fooling), and I will announce the winners next Sunday!


Paper of the Week: Japanese Yuzen Umbrella Paper


I love the silkscreened Japanese papers and this is one of my favorites. These papers are also known as Chiyogami. They are hand-screened onto washi made of mixed kozo and sulphite and a full sheet measures approximately 24″ x 36″ (these are on the expensive side, so some suppliers sell partial sheets). I’ll be featuring this lovely umbrella paper in April’s paper project (a paper weaving), due out next week! 


I adore the work of Paul Johnson, and he was featured in Make recently. Johnson is committed to teaching literacy to children and has developed the most inventive folds and paper connections to entrance them. He’s got numerous artist’s books and how-to books for teachers out there. Check him out!

© Paul Johnson, watercolored paper transformed into an artist's book

© Paul Johnson, watercolored paper transformed into an artist’s book

catalog pdf spreadHere’s a lovely feature on Artland about Paperhouse Studio in Toronto.Emily Cook co-founded this studio that pushes the boundaries of papermaking and printmaking.

Two for one: check out these amazing origami vessels that were featured recently on Eric Gjerde’s Origami Tesselations website. I featured Eric’s work in my book Playing With Paper, and his website is full of resources. 

Mahadevan and his team have characterized a fundamental origami fold, or tessellation, that could be used as a building block to create almost any three-dimensional shape, as seen above (credit: Mahadevan Lab/Harvard SEAS)

Mahadevan and his team have characterized a fundamental origami fold, or tessellation, that could be used as a building block to create almost any three-dimensional shape, as seen above (credit: Mahadevan Lab/Harvard SEAS)

This installation is made up of 35,000 paper cubes! Flow Creation in Blackpool, England and founded by designer and artist Sam Robins, was commissioned to create the large-scale installation for a Manchester Exchange Square store as part of a sustainability initiative. There’s a great video that shows the creation of the piece at the link.


The Prague Zoo, in cooperation with the 420-year-old paper mill at Velké Losiny, has installed a papermaking facility so that visitors can make a piece of Elephant Poo paper! How cool is that?!


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  1. Winnie Radolan says:

    Congratulations and MANY THANKS on the occasion of your 100th issue. There is something novel and inspirational in every single issue…what a treat for all who follow!
    We greatly appreciate your efforts and dedication in assembling this!

  2. Suzie Tuchman says:

    I look forward to your blog posts every week!

  3. Carol says:

    The Sunday paper is the best news I get ! I get very excited every Sunday reading all the info about different kinds of paper and what people do with it! I have learned so much . You have brought much joy into my life! Thank you ?

  4. I love reading this site every Sunday, you help me start my week with clever inspiration and well informed art information. Thank you.

  5. Mark Palkovic says:

    I love your posts. They are inspiring and feed my soul!

  6. Karen Brooks says:

    Congratulations, Helen Hiebert, on the 100th Issue of The Sunday Paper! Receiving your weekly highlights is inspiring, particularly for a paper artist. I am lucky to have two of your books, and Playing with Popups has been a total delight. Thanks for so generously sharing your work and inspirations with us.

  7. Kris Kennedy says:

    Congratulations…The Sunday Paper is one of my highlights when I wake on Sunday mornings. So much inspiration! Thanks for all you do for the art of paper!

  8. Al Brown says:

    Paul Johnson is a one-of-a-kind paper artist, whose amazing creativity is doubtless fueled by the work he does with children. He does workshops during his occasional visits to the U.S.; don’t miss one if you get the chance.
    Congrats Helen on your 100th Sunday Paper. There’s always something unexpected and stimulating to finish the week!

  9. Congrats on your 100th! I look forward to my good reading each Sunday. XO From Rural Prince Edward Island

  10. Ellen Schwab says:

    I love to read your Sunday posts! Thanks for doing this!
    from Bethesda, Maryland

  11. Congratulations on your 100th Sunday Paper and thank you!

  12. cguard says:

    I love the Sunday Paper and always find some creative inspiration in it.

  13. Ashisha says:

    You have ushered in a whole new area for my artist self to explore. Between Carolyn Lake and Sally Blakemore, I have been introduced to different aspects of you. Now I do look forward to reading about people, products, projects that all revolve around the world of paper. Since I was a kid, I have been fascinated by all things paper…you have helped explain that fascination. Thank you❤️

  14. I always enjoy your posts. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Linda Kern says:

    Today, I watched “Mother Tree” video. It is an amazing interpretation (performance & music) of you work
    You continue to delight your web visitors.

  16. Phoebe Diamond says:

    The Sunday Paper is one of the things that I look forward to at the end, or start, of each week. I’m inspired, awed, and impressed with something each time I read it. Thanks for putting this wonderful source on the web.

  17. Larry says:

    I just received your 25 year retrospective deluxe copy of “the hidden life of paper”. Congratulations on another milestone. I look forward to each Sunday paper and become immersed in the creative rabbit holes. Thank you for sharing the joy in making from artists around the world!

  18. Melinda Collins Knick says:

    Absolutely love the Sunday Paper! It is great to get the tips and links to new artists and resources! Congratulations on 100 posts!

  19. Teddy says:

    The best way to wake up on Sunday: read the paper news. So many connections and directions. Thanks Helen for pulling it all together! Congratulations

  20. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for giving me a reason to sit and drink an extra cup of coffee on Sundays while I take in all of The Sunday Paper!
    Good Job!

  21. Bonnie Halfpenny says:

    I opened my email in a sort of sleepy state this morning, and your Sunday Paper reached out to wake up my artistic self! The overview of artists, and places that promote quality papermaking you are providing is always fascinating and encouraging. I appreciate all you are doing.
    I was excited to see Paul Johnson watercolor pieces at 23 Sandy recently, and felt privileged to buy one- his books have inspired me and my students as well over the years. I love them for the exuberance, fun and explosion of color.

  22. Jeanette Davis says:

    Happy 100th Paper Sunday, a blog that opened a door to the world of paper art for me. Thank you!

  23. Ce Boehme says:

    Sunday Paper, so aptly named, conjurs up the tactile rustle of paper and the satisfaction of products so pure. I am so happy to have added you to my must read box. It’s one step closer to rediscovering my true path.

  24. Anne Dunlevie says:

    Your Sunday Paper is a joy to read each week. And, it makes me sing Elvis Costello for the entire morning! Congratulations on your 100th issue!

  25. This is an especially interesting issue, quite suitable for number 100! I wish for another 100–and more!!

  26. Laurel DeFreece says:

    Congratulations on your 100th newsletter! I look forward to reading it each week.
    My wish list would have to be a class with you – maybe in Iowa when you are there this year!
    I live in Missouri it wouldn’t be too long of a drive.
    Please enter me in your “giveaway” thank you Laurel

  27. Julie says:

    I look forward to the Sunday Paper, I always find amazing inspiration.

  28. The Sunday Paper has introduced me to so many paper innovations, artworks, and projects. I’m so happy to read it every week and wish you another 100 editions!

  29. Nancy Akerly says:

    Thanks for all your work creating The Sunday Paper – always a delight and an inspiration!

  30. Marilyn Moffat says:

    I look forward to reading your Sunday Paper! The Lego paper airplane story from a few weeks ago was super popular with the kids I work with at school. Love your creative energy and great ideas!

  31. Marie Buckley says:

    When ever I receive the Sunday Paper I know I have a gourmet experience waiting for me to dive into. It’s a savory starter, a crisp fresh salad followed by a delicious main course and a delectable dessert with photos, text, and links. Thank you for the best experience of my week!

  32. Marilyn says:

    A weekly special treat, all the more special for appearing in my inbox when I have a little time to read. Always an inspiration, thanks Helen.

  33. Jan Dean says:

    Surprising and sustaining – The Sunday Paper engages, entertains and energises me. I love it.

  34. Hello Helen!
    I love your work and look forward to reading your Sunday Paper.

  35. Congratulations on your 100th post. Fantastic!

  36. Pat Schwab says:

    Helen, I really enjoy reading your blog. I am always amazed at the talented artist and inspired. Thank you and congrats.

  37. i appreciate the sunday paper, really enjoy reading it.

  38. cj grossma says:

    Every Sunday we have a special breakfast…and then I get to savor the morsels from your blog…what a grand dessert!
    Congratulations on the 100th treat you have brought to the world!

  39. My ne says:

    Thanks for the weekly inspiration and information.

  40. Annabelle says:

    Love your blog Helen. I can’t wait to see what you do with the Japanese Yuzen Umbrella Paper.

  41. Kate says:

    Ahhh, to sit up in bed on Sunday mornings with a coffee and Helens world is a great way to start my day…

  42. J Reynolds says:

    What an amazing achievement Helen. Thank you! For the beginning paper makers like us we look forward to seeing “The Sunday Paper”. It inspires and teaches us new things to share with others.

  43. Chuck Crockford says:

    I found out from my fav, ‘Sunday Paper’,
    Making sheets is a fun kind of caper.
    Most things under the sun,
    Even elephant dung,
    Can be used to make wonderful paper!

  44. Nick says:

    Your work has been inspiring to me.
    (PIck me!)

  45. Joyce Appelbaum says:

    I so look forward to what you’ve got for me on Sundays. Sometimes I tuck your ideas away and actually work on a project when I get together with friends. Thanks a lot. Its been fun.

  46. Congratulations and happy anniversary. I’m new to the Sunday Paper and find it all very fascinating. Thanks for all you do!

  47. Linda Penny says:

    LOVE the Sunday Paper! So inspirational!

  48. Betty Kjelson says:

    I think that you know how much I look forward to your Sunday news. First thing I do when getting up onSunday morning.
    Betty Kjelson

  49. Donna Mattison-Earls says:

    I love receiving the Sunday News. You always offer inspiring ideas and your amazing creations. Love today’s Mother Tree!

  50. Jo Bailey says:

    A truly inspirational site.