Thai Kozo

Thai Kozo

The Sunday Paper #495

February 11, 2024

I used to travel several times a year prior to the pandemic, and things are ramping up again, and my travels are getting more far flung. How is it that I get to make three international trips in 2024? It began with our ski vacation in Europe last month (for those of you who were following along, my knees are much better).

In June, I’m taking a group on a 12-day Japan Paper Tour (I traveled to Japan with Ted back in 2019 when our son was doing a semester abroad. We had several paper excursions, which I blogged about, and I mentioned that I might lead a tour one day. That day has finally come, and the tour has filled with people who expressed interest way back then).

Trip #3 will be to Australia and Tasmania in September! I will be teaching two workshops right after Paper on Skin, an international wearable paper art competition that will be held in Devonport, Tasmania. Submit your design concept for the first stage of the pre-selection process by this coming Friday, February 16th, and if you make it through the final round, I will see it in person!

Registration opens tomorrow (2/12) for my workshops: Bend, Form, Sculpt (2-days) and Pleat, Crumple Connect (1-day). Join me if you live down under, or maybe you’re interested in traveling there. Find out about all events here.


Sourced with precision from the Paper Mulberry Tree, Flexi Mulberry Bark (pictured) is crafted through a comprehensive process that refines this premium fiber into versatile, pliable sheets. These sheets of fiber are perfect for various artistic applications. The intricate mesh of its soft and refined fibers offers a distinctive texture, adding depth and versatility to artworks. This material is exceptionally adaptable, lending itself well to coloring, stitching, and sculpting, making it an ideal choice for creative expression. 

Kozo Studio produces a wide variety of decorative handmade and machine-made papers (including flexi mulberry bark) in their Thailand factory. I just placed my first order and can’t wait to start creating! Click here to see me unveiling my order on Instagram. Kozo Studio offers FREE shipping on orders over $99. 



Check out this video about Sophia Bogle, who restores old books. It is a fascinating snapshot into book restoration, and you get to see her unique tools and process. I love that she signs each spine’s interior, leaving her mark within each project in an invisible way.


Are you looking for a job? Hand Papermaking is seeking a new Executive Director.


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About Our Sponsor: Since 1985, Kozo Studio has been proudly serving creative minds all over the world with our high-quality kozo papers.


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  1. allison says:

    Helen, I just spent $103 so I could save on shipping from Kozo Studio. Your video of opening your package did the trick. The Paper as Skin exhibition came to the Bishop Museum here in Honolulu many years ago..spectacular…lucky you to visit down under! I’m still weaving slowly. Allison

    • Helen Hiebert says:

      I knew I’d find a few suckers for paper! I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. How fun to hear the other news. Keep On Weaving!