Priscilla Robinson

March 28, 2020

Snail Mail

The Sunday Paper #305
March 29, 2020

Paper of the Week: See Through Assortment Times, they are a changing! I’ll be listing a few sets of paper each week until business gets back to normal, or a new normal. Limited…
February 17, 2018

Priscilla Robinson on Paper Talk

The Sunday Paper #196

February 18, 2018
Paper of the Week: New Podcast Episode! Paper Talk
I love hearing the stories of hand papermakers: how they discovered paper, what drew them in (hand papermaking is a serious commitment after all), …

December 22, 2012

4 & Counting: 3D Handmade Paper

There are numerous artists creating wonders with handmade paper. I wrote another post about two-dimensional techniques recently, and here are some examples of three-dimensional paper techniques. These are featured in The Papermaker’s Studio Guide as well.
Let’s start with the …