The 2021 Paper Year

The Sunday Paper #337

November 8, 2020

Papermaker of the Week: Drew Matott This is a new column. If you’re a papermaker and would like to be featured in the coming weeks and months, please fill out this form. I’d love to hear from you!

Riots, Revolts & Revolutions, pulp printing on paper made from Egyptian Cotton, 4 panels, ~18×24 each.

Drew Matott

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Making Shoji Paper

The Sunday Paper #283 October 27, 2019

Paper of the Week: The Paper Year

I asked a friend to test out The Paper Year, and her grandaughter made this sketch – you can tell what was on her mind. Happy Halloween! What are you up to? We live in an upstairs condo and don’t get many trick-or-treaters, but our neighborhood is full of kids. Lots

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Winged Paper

The Sunday Paper #230

October 21, 2018

Paper of the Week: The Custom Paper Pack GIVEAWAY! (with a request)

I had such fun watching Elissa Campbell of Blue Roof Designs create the projects in the 2019 Twelve Months of Paper How-to Book & Calendar over on Instagram during the past two weeks. I asked her to do it, and was delighted that she said yes!

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Viewing a Life through Paper

The Sunday Paper #178, October 8, 2017 Paper of the Week: Twelve Months of Paper Launch!

It’s coming! The Twelve Months of Paper Calendar is at the printer, and I’ll be viewing the proofs on Monday! Hop on over to read all about it and place your order. Calendars will start shipping in early November, but if you plan to get one (or more)

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Warhol's Paper Dresses

The Sunday Paper #129, October 16, 2016 Paper of the Week: Post-It Notes Dear Friends, This tiny piece of paper made my day a couple of weeks ago for several reasons: 1. it was delivered via snail mail; 2. it was an affirmation that people out there really do appreciate this blog and 3. It was attached to a donation check! Here’s to you, dear

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Money Paper

The Sunday Paper #79

Paper of the Week: Money Paper

Did you know that you can buy shredded money from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing? They sell 5 pound bags of shredded U.S. currency that contain approximately $10,000 in shredded bills. I made the linen/shred mix that lies beneath the dollar bill pictured here and Jessica Spring used that paper to make her

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11: Paper + Hope

In light of the senseless shootings this week, in Oregon, Connecticut, and no doubt other places around the world, I thought I’d type about a few projects that artists working with paper are doing, which give me hope!

At a papermaking conference about six years ago, I listened to the moving story of Drew Cameron, who spoke eloquently about his experience in the US

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