Summer Paper Sale!

Summer Paper Sale!

The Sunday Paper #114, July 3, 2016

On-Line Paper Sale!

Summer 2016 Paper Sale Image
Twice a year, I have an on-line paper sale, and the Summer 2016 sale begins now! Click here to check out the five paper packages featuring bendable abaca, watermarked alphabets, translucent abaca, stitched abaca leather and Wish Disks. The sale runs now through July 10th and there are limited quantities for each package, so order right away to get what you want!


In the Studio:
Some things are easier to show with a video, so I made a 4-minute video featuring the papers that will be available in the sale. If you don’t see the video below, just click on this link.


This is a little off-topic, although it does involve freehand sketching designs (by hand!) onto thin paper. I love this story about Chuck Zunker, who is still practicing the lost art of hand-painted race car lettering.
This is an excellent article about how the ancient art of origami is inspiring cutting-edge technology in fields as varied as space and medicine.
Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 1.04.26 PMAsif Farooq is building a Cold War-era combat jet made from paper and glue. Those are the only building blocks the artist is using to create a nearly exact replica of the Russian supersonic fighter jet. When his feat of engineering is completed, Farooq’s two-ton paper sculpture of the delta-winged MiG-21 will include upward of 250,000 parts and be a fully representational model of the aircraft, which made its debut in 1956 at Moscow’s Tushino Airfield.
Wowza! Look very close at the image below. It was created on a typewriter by Charles Cannoni, 95, who never even owned his own typewriter. Using select keys on the typewriter — predominantly the x, m, &, @, /, and ( ) keys — he made detailed portraits and landscapes.
I’m sure that many of you know of (and even show your work at) 23 Sandy Gallery in Portland, OR. Be sure to check out the current call for entries for POP-UP NOW II, an international juried exhibition of pop-up and movable artist books. Pop-up books captivate and excite the child in all of us. They come to life as three-dimensional works of art hidden inside the pages of a book. POP-UP NOW II is looking for handmade artist books that pop-up, move, slide, twirl, whirl, light up, or even sound off.


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  1. Helen,
    Great papers! Love my green wishing flower which has found a home on my studio wall.

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