Special Edition: Let's Kickstart This!

Special Edition: Let's Kickstart This!

Please excuse my multiple communications this week. If you received something from me yesterday, that means that you subscribe to my monthly newsletter. Today’s note is to blog subscribers (you’re one of those). There is some overlap.
I don’t mean to frustrate you, but I do want to keep you in the loop!
So, without further adieu, I’m super excited to announce that my Kickstarter Campaign for the Twelve Months of Paper Calendar is now LIVE! I hope that you’ll take a moment to watch the video I made about the project and read about the REWARDS I’m offering if you pledge.
cover with space
That’s all for today. You’ll find everything you need to know at the Kickstarter link.
Thanks for your support, and I’ll see you again on Sunday!

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  1. brenda says:

    Just starting in paper making, so interested in learning more.

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