Raw Fiber

Raw Fiber

The Sunday Paper #122, August 28, 2016

Paper of the Week: Raw Abaca & Raw Sisal


I recently replenished my stock of papermaking fibers (an annual event), and whenever I do this, I look through the entire supply catalog to see what’s new. This time I noticed that Carriage House Paper now carries raw abaca and raw sisal. I ordered a pound of each to try out, and they sent me these paper samples along with the fibers. They are lovely papers, and I look forward to making some of my own!


In the Studio:

My next column for Cloth Paper Scissors magazine (on newstands any day now) has to do with momigami (crumpled paper), so I’ve been playing around with this technique (and will be incorporating it into upcoming workshops because I really like it). Here’s a mini screen that I created by coating assorted machine-made Japanese papers with konnyaku (a gelatinous substance from the tuberous root of the devil’s tongue plant) followed by kneading and crumpling. I then cut it into rectangles and stitched them together on my sewing machine. I also stitched seams that I slipped bamboo skewers through and then stuck the ends of the skewers into drilled holes in a long strip of wood. It was fun!


Papery Tidbits

  • I’ve decided that the only real way to show off an artists’ book (aside from seeing it in person of course) is to make a video. Here’s my first, a 1-1/2 minute film about my book Cosmology.
  • On the website tour this week: If you are interested in acquiring a copy of Cosmology, click here. You can view all of my artists’ books here.

The olympics are over, but artist Raya Sader has memorialized them in paper. As seen on This is Colossal.
Polar Expedition is not your average pop-up book. Be sure to follow the link and watch the video.
I’ve always heard about the tradition of joss paper being used in memorials. Here’s an interesting story about a paper agency in Singapore that makes paraphernalia for funeral services throughout the year. It is busiest during the Hungry Ghost Festival, which takes place from Aug 3 to Aug 31 this year. This appears to be another tradition in danger of dying out.
Has anyone been to the 2016 Holland Paper Biennial? This is a bi-annual event that always features some of the best paper works in the world. There’s a catalog too!
Paper on the news! Did you catch CBS Sunday Morning last week? The middle section of this clip features Amy Jacobs of Dieu Donné Papermill showing the news anchor how to make a sheet of paper.


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  1. Bravo for this Sunday BLOG! Starting with the raw fiber and ending with the spectacular uses of the material is a great starter to my DAY. You find the most unusual information!

  2. Teresa Smith says:

    I was fortunate to be in the Netherlands and attend the 2016 Paper Biennial and the PAPERMARKET!!! Then went on to attend Paper Navigations in Amsterdam with the traveling bookbinder Rachel Hazell. I was over the moon with Paper Love~