Pure Pulp

Pure Pulp

The Sunday Paper #112, June 19, 2016
Paper of the Week: Stitched Abaca
My biannual paper sale starts July 3rd, and this Stitched Abaca Leather will be one of the featured papers. These are made from translucent abaca formed on an 18″ x 23″ mould and then air dried. Once dry, I spritz them with water and then restraint dry them, which accentuates the deckled edges and makes for a textured (leathery) surface. Finally, I zip them through the sewing machine with one color of thread in the needle and a second color in the bobbin, resulting in a double-sided translucent sheet. What would you make with a sheet of this paper?


Out of the Studio:
I’m in Daytona Beach, Florida for the week on a family vacation and found these plant-based crafts in the condo we’re staying in.
This review of “Pure Pulp: Contemporary Artists Working in Paper at Dieu Donné” is a good one, covering the technique, aesthetics and content of works which are currently on view at the Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking at Georgia Tech. I hope that a few of you get to see this show!

Richard Tuttle’s “The Triumph of Night (detail)” (2009), hand-cast cotton pulp, wood and wire and box frame. DETAIL PHOTO BY JOHN BENTHAM

Richard Tuttle’s “The Triumph of Night (detail)” (2009), hand-cast cotton pulp, wood and wire and box frame. DETAIL PHOTO BY JOHN BENTHAM

This is a clever recycling project – Matsuda Seitai’s Orizuru Sachet – a new life for the 10 million paper cranes sent as prayers for peace to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park by people from around the world every year. President Obama even delivered a couple that he made when he visited a couple of weeks ago.
Is it harder to get published these days? Sam Hayes claims that he’s part of a whole generation with no place in the publishing world. So he printed and posted these fake weather signs on the streets of Chicago to promote his new book, The Weather Man, and he’s making it happen!
Kevin Steele never ceases to amaze me with his incredible and ambitious book productions. It looks to me like he’s covered several paper engineering structures (pull a lever here, turn a wheel there) within the pages of this book: The Movable Book of Letterforms.
I mentioned the book Paper by Mark Kurlansky in last week’s Sunday Paper. Here’s a great interview by Leonard Lopate with Mark and Donna Koretsky from Carriage House Paper.

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  1. I really enjoying reading through your blog – a lot of new discoveries and interesting posts, the whole bunch of new ideas. I really appreciate your work here, thank you.

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