Mary Heebner

Paper Talk
Paper Talk
Mary Heebner

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Mary Heebner’s artistic practice is deeply grounded in place. Acknowledging the power of ancient presences and landscapes is integral to the creation of her paintings, collages, handmade-paper, photography, and artist’s books. Fragments, both literal and metaphoric, are also vital to her process. Through a parsing out and weaving together of fragments — of histories, stories, objects — people fashion narratives that are personal, collective, cultural, mythic. Revolving shapes within these ancient orbits define us, portend the past, and inform what may come. In Heebner’s work, the literal tearing apart and piecing together of fragments – paper and other materials – approximates this larger metonymic process that allows us to connect, to imagine, and to create anew. Pictured above: INTIMACY: Drawing with light, Drawn from stone, 2017.


  1. William J. P. Smith, Jr. says:

    Mary. You are to be applauded, again. What you are doing with and for Anthony Weller and Kylee is a work of art in itself, a combination of magnificent creativity and heart. So many thanks, and another achievement that will withstand the ages. Congratulations, and much success in your future endeavors.

    Kathy Franklin-Smith
    William J.P. Smith, Jr.

    • William J. P. Smith, Jr. says:

      FYI, Bill is Kylee’s father, and son-in-law to Anthony. Kathy is married to Bill. We can’t say enough about your involvement in this project. God bless with love. Oh! Where are we? In the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York.

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