Playing with Paper

Playing with Paper

I’m working on a new book, Playing with Paper, and am having fun writing the instructions, developing new projects, inviting a handful of guest artists, and curating the gallery. Here’s a step from one of the projects I’m contributing, a folding screen made from envelopes.

And here’s a picture of the finished project, which will certainly look much nicer in the actual book, which will be available in January 2013.





  1. Shirah Miriam "Mimi" Aumann says:

    I love the folding screen with the cutouts and the visuals coming through. I believe that design is the Japanese Asa-No-Ha design for Hemp. I used it in an exhibit featuring the hemp fibre for papermaking and other artistic approaches. I think the 2nd or 3rd photo in the album at the following site will show the Asa-No-Ha:
    Nice to see it on your blog. Mimi