Peace Tree Card

Peace Tree Card

25 Days of Paper 2015, Day 18
I designed this card several decades ago. I think it was for an assignment at the School of Visual Arts, where I took a few classes. I remember that my instructor was impressed!
My assistant made the denim paper this past summer. That’s right, you are holding 100% blue jean paper in your hands. Cool, huh? I had to fold it to fit it into your paper pack, but the fold aligns with that first fold between the P and the E.
You might want to make a mock-up before cutting the actual blue jeans paper. There are a few things that could go wrong… like accidentally cutting on a fold line.
For this project you will need:

  • This template
  • Blue denim paper
  • Ruler
  • Craft Knife
  • Bone folder
  • Cutting mat
  • Tape (to adhere template to paper)
  • Decorative items (optional)

Step 1: Tape Template: Rough cut the template and tape it on top of the paper, making sure that you line up that first fold to match the score line between the P and the E. Also make sure that the tree top isn’t sticking up over the edge of the paper (I almost chopped mine off)!
Step 2: Score: Cut along all of the solid lines.
Step 3: Score: Score along all of the dashed lines.
Step 4: Fold: Accordion fold your card!
Step 5: Trim the Tree: This is optional. I stitched snowflake/stars onto my tree, but you could also punch, stamp, draw, … you show me!
I’d love to see what you create! Share your ideas in the comments box below.
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  1. I have been trying to come up with a homemade card!! Thank you because this one is just right

  2. Volunteering at the nursing home today and I thought this would be simple enough for the residence to make. Thank you for the ideas.

  3. Chris Wachsmuth says:

    Hi Helen – a former paper weaving on-line course student here. can you tell us what is the size of the paper to make this template and card ? also do you have a recommendation for what kind of paper to use for this card project, aside from the denim paper : )
    thanks for sharing this
    chris w
    san francisco