Papierwerk Glockenbach

Papierwerk Glockenbach

The Sunday Paper #201

March 25, 2018
Paper of the Week: Five Books about Paper Lampshades

Paper and light have been a fascination since the beginning of my career. From folding screens to hot air balloons, lamps and lanterns to kites, there are numerous ways to view paper activated by light. This is a round-up of a few books I’ve collected over the years.

Out of the Studio: Papierwerk Glockenbach
I had the pleasure of visiting a new paper studio in Munich this week: Papierwerk Glockenbach. Annemaria Bar gave me a tour, and we had a lovely visit. The facility offers workshops, an open studio and they have a little gallery in their fully equipped professional papermaking studio.

Some of us understand more than others how hard it is to make a buck. A family of Venezuelan immigrants to Colombia are repurposing what they deem as worthless bolivars (bucks) into origami-made paper wallets, belts and even purses as the currency plunges further in value. The technique looks like gum wrapper paper chains – did you make those as a kid?

I love these unique cut and layered paper pieces by artist Dylan Metrano.

Origami is being transformed into a engineering discipline, how cool is that? The ancient art of paper folding is showing promise for new technology that ranges from cancer-fighting drugs to foldable armor for police officers, and Suyi Li at Clemson University is hoping to take the practice to the next level in a new research project. His motto: Keep Calm and Origami On!

Suyi Li, center, works in his Clemson University lab with Ph.D. students Priyanka Bhovad, right, and Sahand Sadeghi. Image Credit: Clemson University

Art on Paper was recently in Manhattan. Did anyone get to it?

Megan Rye, “Foundling: Paintings Inspired by Adoption Referral Photographs” (2018)

What a fun story about Bette Nesmith Graham, the inventor of Liquid Paper. “An artist never corrects by erasing, but always paints over the error.”


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  1. Nancu Rafal says:

    Just found out about FOLD, an accordion book exhibit, at Villa Terrace Museum in Milwaukee. Sounds interesting.