The Sunday Paper #125, September 18, 2016

Sponsor of the Week: PaperLove

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Unfold five weeks of paper inspiration, packed full of ideas and projects to create, using bookart, writing, origami, hand-lettering and collage. PaperLove will take you on a roller coaster of paper discovery, whether you are just starting out or more experienced.
Thank you so much for the inspiration of your PaperLove class! You unlocked so many creative doors for me and cultivated amazing friendships. I had no idea an online class could bring me so much pleasure! – Jen, participant PaperLove, March 2016
“I believe that everybody has a some kind of book inside them – the workshops that I’ve taught all round the world have mostly been about getting those books OUT even if that means a one-liner or no words at all. The power of paper is amazing!”

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In the Studio:
I’m working on a new artists’ book about a story our daughter told us when she was about 3 years old. She was up in the clouds watching us before she was born. I love how ideas evolve. I was doing some color experiments for another artists’ book and had a little bit of each pulp color left over; I decided to make book pages with these colored bits of pulp; and then the idea came: the blobs looked like clouds and my daughter’s story resurfaced!
Papery Tidbits

  • The Twelve Months of Paper Calendar is at the printer, and I’ve set up a sales page for those of you (and your paper loving friends) who missed the kickstarter campaign.
  • I’m hosting a Twelve Months of Paper Workshop here in Edwards, CO on October 15th. The workshop fee includes a calendar, custom paper pack and you will leave with 4-5 completed projects + materials for making the rest!
  • I enjoy listening to podcasts when I’m working in the studio. I listen to On Being, Fresh Air, Book Artists and Poets and there’s a new one called Make/Time that I’m adding to my list. What are your favorites? My podcast series Paper Talk is now up to six episodes. How many have you listened to?

There’s a cool new pop-up book by Keith Allen that is available over on Kickstarter. Keith is a professional illustrator/paper-engineer and a passionate Dad from Cleveland, Ohio. He says that ‘Getting my his kids to clean-up after themselves had proven to be a BIG challenge in our household.’ So he wanted to take this mundane chore and turn it into an adventure story, one that would make cleaning-up fun and exciting while also teaching them the importance of cleanliness. Check out his new book What a Mess! A Pop Up Misadventure Book.
Helmut Fricker is a master bookbinder who trained in Germany and makes exquisite books. Check out this fun video profile of Helmut on Off the Hill (the ski hill, that is). He’s quite the entertainer too!

I love this headline: “Like vinyl records and expensive bourbon, paper is making a comeback.” Here’s an article about how millennials are using real paper.
Many of you probably know of the Dead Feminist series, a collaboration between artists Chandler O’Leary and Jessica Spring. The series features quotes by historical feminists, tied to current political and social issues. Each limited-edition broadside is letterpress printed from hand-drawn lettering and illustrations. A portion of the proceeds of each piece is donated to a cause that aligns with the issue highlighted by the artwork. Jessica and Chandler have released 23 broadsides since the series began in 2008. And now they are releasing a book: Dead Feminists: Historical Heroines in Living Color!
This is a must-see video about papermaking in Samarkand, a city in modern-day Uzbekistan and one of the oldest inhabited cities in Central Asia.
About our sponsor: Rachel Hazell has over 15 years of experience taking people on creative journeys. She has held creative workshops across the world – from palazzos in Venice to lighthouses in Shetland via Antarctica. Rachel builds itineraries that develop skills, as well as expand the imagination, increase creative confidence and build lasting friendships. Drawing her inspiration from the beauty of paper, the familiarity of a well-thumbed book, shorelines, flea markets and foreign cities; Rachel launched her online e-course PaperLove in 2014 to enable people, regardless of location, to work with her to develop their creative ideas and techniques. 

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  1. Dear Helen,
    I was blown away to read the story your three year old daughter told you about being up in the clouds watching you before she was born.
    At just about three, my son told me that before he was born the first place he saw me was walking in front of my childhood home; he continued by saying that he observed me for some time before finally deciding that he wanted me to be his mom. (Note the intended emphasis on his freedom to choose.)
    This unsolicited memory was related to (me) an atheist who had and has no religious practice and no belief in heaven or hell and it came out of context right out of the blue. Consequently, there was no advance discussion of such things that he might have overheard.
    Another of life’s little mysteries. I wonder how common this phenomenon is? Thank you for sharing your book idea. Maybe I’ll follow suit.
    Leslie Edwards Humez

    • Helen Hiebert says:

      Wow, Leslie. I’m just seeing this. It is so interesting to me what happens when you share a story!!

  2. Helen, We missed you at Movable Book meeting, however, your work was presented by Kyle Olmon and it was great to see! The meeting was surprising this year with some amazing new paper engineers and wonderful presentations!