Paper Sale & Custom Paper Project Pack

Paper Sale & Custom Paper Project Pack

 The Sunday Paper #91

Paper of the Week: Handmade Paper with Inclusions


These are some of my very first papers, made over 25 years ago in my kitchen in Brooklyn. I hadn’t met a soul who made paper (yet), and I was just experimenting (well, gosh I’m still doing that today – some things never change)! These papers have held up pretty well in a sample book. Here you see two variations of onion skin with recycled paper and a brown paper bag with leeks. I don’t remember much about those early days… I’m not even sure what I used as a mould & deckle or how I couched and dried the sheets.

What was the first paper that you made? 


In the Studio:

I have an on-line paper sale every six months, and this one features papers that I made in my studio (I’ve come a long way since those early days in Brooklyn). I’ve got three paper packages on sale now through Thursday, January 28th – translucent abaca, decorative watermarks and denims. I’ve also developed a new Custom Paper Project Pack featuring 14 papers and six monthly projects pictured below. Purchase the paper pack and join me in creating a project-a-month!

Stitched Paper Pouch, Versatile Valentine, Shadow Ornament, Paper Weaving, Pop-Up Dandelion, Solstice Accordion Book

Stitched Paper Pouch, Versatile Valentine, Shadow Ornament, Paper Weaving, Pop-Up Dandelion, Solstice Accordion Book


If you need something to do indoors in Buffalo, this looks like a terrific show: Rare Books 101.


A mother/daughter team from Croatia is making this recycled paper jewelry. MamaMia Art takes paper quilling (and upcycling) to a new level.
The illustrations in this book – Paper Sculpted Meals – caught my eye, so I contacted Joanne DeWald, the author and illustrator and she sent me a copy (thanks, Joanne!). Her illustrations are really clever and different from other paper illustrations that I’ve seen. And there are also some unique recipes in the book (to me at least): dandelion lemonade, broiled grapefruit and chili pepper cupcakes.
cabbage recipe
Thanks to those of you who forwarded me the link to Ai Weiwei’s paper sculptures at le Bon Marché in Paris. And for those of you who haven’t seen them, lookie here (or better yet, get yourself a plane ticket and hop on over to Paris)!
I think you’ll enjoy listening to this interview with Patterson Clark, who harvests and turns invasive plants into works of art (and paper, of course) in Washington D.C. 

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  1. Penelope Ortmann says:

    Found Patterson Clark’s use of invasive weeds in papermaking, etc. very interesting. Wonder if anyone has used lupins for papermaking. They are both beautiful and invasive in northern MN. There is a big push to control invasives and some are using herbicides to eliminate them. Even if used carefully am concerned about the impact on our wildlife, beneficial insects and water. Thank you for The Sunday Paper.

    • Helen says:

      Thanks for your comment Penelope! I have not heard of lupines being used in papermaking, but that doesn’t mean someone hasn’t tried. There are many issue involved: amount of fiber in plant; easy of extracting fiber and other processing issues.