Paper Plant Purifiers (a Tongue Twister)!

Paper Plant Purifiers (a Tongue Twister)!

The Sunday Paper #181, October 29, 2017

Paper of the Week: BookLove

Are you looking to develop paper and book-binding skills and explore your creativity? Join Rachel Hazell on her latest BookLove e-course. Immerse yourself in a world of alphabets, paper ephemera and linen thread as you meet your inner wordsmith and bind two utterly personal hardback books over two full weeks. Design, write and make books of your own, with detailed, generous support. The BookLove e-course starts 13th November

“Nothing has come close to comparing to this course. The way the information is delivered, and the quality, ensures that on completion you are equipped to continue developing your own book dreams.”

– Lisa, Course Participant, July 2017


In the Studio:

Have you listened to my podcast Paper Talk? If you have, you’ll notice a few changes this month. I’ve recorded an intro, I’m working with a sound editor, and I’ve added some paper music! This month’s episode features Jenn Woodward from Pulp & Deckle Studio in Portland, OR. Here’s a short video of her studio space, and click here to listen to Episode 18 of Paper Talk.

Papery Tidbits

  • Have you taken an online class? I just started teaching them this year, and most of the participants surveyed said they’d never taken one! I’m offering a trial-size (mini online class at a great price) during the 25 Days of Paper (December 1-25). Find out more under Package #3 at this link.


I’m not sure whether these are better air purifiers than real plants, but they look pretty cool! Filters and fans placed inside the corrugated cardboard cacti break down bacteria, fine dust and pollutants from cigarette smoke thanks to three technologies developed by researchers at the University Politecnico di Milano.

My travels have not taken me to Ann Arbor, MI (yet) but I’ve ordered papers and supplies and have always heard fabulous things about Hollander’s, a top notch art supply store that specializes in decorative papers.

One of many decorative paper displays on the main floor (Photo: Meredith Bruckner)

India seems to be on the cutting edge of lighting design. I’ve written about Jenny Pinto’s lighting in this post. Check out these geometric designs by Ankon Mitra which are in the Lodhi Hotel in New Delhi. Wowza!

Ankon collaborates with NID textile designer Aditi Anuj to create origami inspired lampshades that hark back to diverse historical eras and craft traditions.

Also hailing from New Delhi but showing in Paris: Jayashree Chakravarty’s Earth as Haven: Under the Canopy of Love, curated by Roobina Karode of the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, New Delhi, at the Musée National Des Arts Asiatiques Guimet, Paris, France.

“Like vegetation that mixes with the nurturing soil, when I paint, the twigs, leaves and thorns growing across also become part of the composition,” says Jayashree Chakravarty

This is an interesting article about what goes into making paper money harder and harder to fake.


About our Sponsor: Rachel Hazell has twenty years’ experience taking people on creative journeys. She shapes itineraries that develop technical skills, expand the imagination, increase confidence and build lasting friendships.


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