Paper Peep Shows

Paper Peep Shows

The Sunday Paper #118, July 31, 2016

Paper of the Week: Cave Paper


Two weeks ago when I was in Minneapolis, I had the lovely opportunity of visiting Cave Paper. They have a new showroom! Since 1994, Bridget O’Malley and Amanda Degener have been Cave Paper, making paper in the basement of an old, industrial Minneapolis warehouse. There are no windows, and the walls are limestone. This subterranean studio inspired Degener and O’Malley to call their studio “Cave.” Degener and O’Malley make paper by hand from raw fiber and boil walnuts for dye, and mix deep vats of indigo. Their process results in a robust archival paper of unparalleled durability.


In the Studio:

I am wrapping up the design phase of the Twelve Months of Paper Calendar (you’ll be able to pre-order a copy in just a few weeks)! Here’s a sneak peek of the custom paper pack that I’m assembling, so that those of you who want to have everything you need to make the projects will!  This time around, in addition to a range of hand picked papers from around the world, you’ll also receive the templates, parts and pieces necessary to create all of the projects, including three battery-operated tea lights for illuminating the lantern projects!


Also of note:

  • I’m having an open studio August 13th & 14th from 10am – 5pm as part of the Red Cliff Studio Tour (400 Pine Street, Studio #1, Red Cliff, CO). If you’re in the area, please stop by!
  • Check out my upcoming workshops in Denver and San Diego. Join us! I’m excited to be offering workshops at the Coupeville Arts Center (WA) and Anderson Ranch (CO) in 2017.
  • Over the next few weeks, I’d like to give you a tour around my website. We’ll start with the installations page, where you can read about the large paper installations I’ve done over the years. And here’s a link to my most recent piece, The Wishing Wall.


Check out these paper rings I saw on Cool Thing of the Day (a neat blog, btw). Jeremy Maker designs wearable rings, necklaces, and bracelets from thousands of pieces of paper that are laminated together.
You may have caught this being passed around via social media last week. The Victoria & Albert Museum has acquired the world’s largest paper peep show collection. Created from hand painted and printed paper and cloth, peepshows became an inexpensive pastime for children and adults alike, since they first emerged in the 1820s.
Check out Michael Beutler’s installation Pump House – a massive paper construction. I love how he states that the making of the piece – crushing and baling paper into blocks – is part of the art – a celebration of the spirit of invention and the lost tradition of cooperative labour.
Remember the bark cloth I wrote about last week? A reader shared this inspiring video about her friend Wendeanne Ke`aka Stitt‘s artistic journey with Hawaiian kapa.

Here’s a thoughtful review of Pure Pulp: Contemporary Artists Working in Paper at Dieu Donné, which is on view for a few more days in Atlanta at the Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking at Georgia Tech. If you’ve ever heard me complain about the fact that paper art isn’t well known as a medium, you’ll see that this writer agrees!


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  1. Fabulous articles on so many uses of paper for creative purposes. It is astounding the way humans find all the uses for these raw materials. Gorgeous cloth, fantastic peek books and the paper kit is a beautiful package of delights.

  2. Helen, Looking forward to a tour around your website, even though I’ve visited before. Louise

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