Paper On Snow

Paper On Snow

The Sunday Paper #197

February 25, 2018
Paper of the Week: Five Books about Paper Folding

I have collected books about paper folding, paper engineering and paper design for over 30 years. There are some oldies and goodies that are still circulating out there. Some of these are visual catalogs for inspiration and others are serious how-to manuals. Check out this round-up of Five Books about Paper Folding Techniques.


In of the Studio:

It’s finally been snowing here in Colorado and I decided to take some of my paper pieces outside. This was my favorite composition: Paper on Snow.
Papery Tidbits:


This is a fascinating article about how pastel artists of the 18th century supersized their pictures by piecing together sheets of paper.

Portrait of Gabriel Bernard de Rieux; Maurice-Quentin de La Tour (French, 1704 – 1788); Paris, France, Europe; 1739 to 1741; Pastel and gouache on paper mounted on canvas; 200.7 × 149.9 cm (79 × 59 in.); The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles

It is becoming more popular for origami to be used to teach math and science concepts. I enjoyed reading about how Thomas Hull incorporates paper folding into his lectures. He instructed the audience to use a pen to make a dot in the center of a sheet of origami paper. Then he said to make a few folds over the dot. Once the audience folded their desired amount of folds, he asked them to open the paper back up and count the amount of mountains and valleys the paper had. As people called out their different numbers, he recorded them on a spreadsheet, allowing the audience to see what each of the pairs of numbers had in common. There’s nothing like hands-on learning!

This is a lovely Q&A with Rob Ryan, paper cutter extraordinaire!

I enjoyed these works and sentiments by collage artist Joe Dance: “I collect paper and ephemera from various sources, including what I might find on the street. When I start working on a new collage, I begin with an element that has a particular appeal to me and build from there–pulling in other elements that resonate–tearing, cutting, pasting–responding to balance, color, line and pattern as they present themselves–in essence, painting with paper.”

I’ve never purchased a lottery ticket, but this is a pretty cool paper ad for the Missouri Lottery.


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