Paper Lanterns

Paper Lanterns

The Sunday Paper #168, July 30, 2017

Paper of the Week: Japanese Linen Paper

I recently discovered this Japanese Linen Paper (available from Washi Arts). It is a beautiful quality textured card stock that comes in two weights and a variety of colors. It’s the perfect choice for this Shadow Lantern project that we’ll be making in my new online course, Paper Lanterns (see below)!


In the Studio:

Registration opens today for Paper Lanterns, my new online class. Please watch the video trailer to learn all about the class! I’ve put together a curated collection of papers for you to work your way through the projects as we:

  • Delve into a variety of techniques (paper cutting, weaving, tessellations, pop-ups, & more)
  • Explore a unique selection of papers and lighting mechanisms
  • Discover a variety of fasteners for bringing paper into the round
  • Get inspired to go beyond the course with ideas for variations on each project

Class begins September 20th!


It’s pretty cool when commercial printing company makes a product featuring 100% cotton (tree-free) paper. Check out‘s cotton business cards: 100% Recycled – made from cotton t-shirts. Scroll down on the page to watch the infomercial. I’m pretty certain they are using Cheney, which is the same 100% cotton rag pulp we papermaker’s use… anyone out there know which company is making the paper for Moo?

This is a lovely project that we should all participate in! Founder Maryann Talia Pau started the global weaving project, called One Million Stars to End Violence, to encourage people to be the “light and kindness they want to see in the world.” All of the stars from countries around the world, made by solo individuals or at specially created Star Weave Jams, will become part of an art installation for the 2018 Commonwealth Games, April 4-5 on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

‘One Million Stars to End Violence’ is a global project destined for the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Chloe Garner, right, was one of many who helped create around 200 stars. SUSAN DOOLAN/PHOTO

This is a lovely story about a Japanese village that is continuing the tradition of kamiko (making clothes from handmade paper).

Bananas aren’t just for eating anymore!  In India, they are turning the plant’s fiber into all sorts of products, including paper. Jenny Pinto, whom I mentored in my studio 17 years ago, has developed a line of banana paper lights and other products in a thriving business that she runs out of her Bangalore studio.

NASA is looking at crowdsourcing designs for a foldable radiation shield. Are you the origami whiz who can come up with the best design? Submit your entry!


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  1. Enjoyed the Shadow Lantern project with the Japanese Linen paper. Great work as usual!