Paper Food

Paper Food

The Sunday Paper #134, November 20, 2016
Paper of the Week: Paper Napkins
I was having lunch with participants at a workshop this weekend and someone brought over a napkin. We’ve all jotted notes on a napkin, right? This was the first time I’ve seen napkins designed intentionally to write on! They brought up memories of when my kids were little and it seemed like an eternity waiting for meals to arrive when we went out to a restaurant. What a great idea for a quick game at the table – a little personal interaction instead of turning to those handheld devices.
In the Studio:
The 25 Days of Paper Blog Marathon begins soon (December 1)! This week I sat down with my planner and a copy of the calendar to map it all out. Daily blog posts will feature tidbits about the projects and papers as well as a selection of amazing paper companies and their products. This is a heads-up that you’ll be receiving daily e-mails from me throughout December, so hang on and get ready for some paper fun!
Papery Tidbits

  • If you still need a 2017 calendar and enjoy paper crafts (or know someone who does) why not order a copy of the Twelve Months of Paper calendar.
  • I’m enjoying my weekend teaching and lecturing for the Rocky Mountain Weaver’s Guild in Denver. What a great group!

If you happen to find yourself in Paris this coming week, get over to The Lively Bookshop and view a selection of  pop-ups, animated, and movable books! And if you can’t make it to Paris, you can view them here.

Philippe UG , Flora princess , editions of Grown Ups / The Doors of Perception (artist's book)

Philippe UG , Flora princess , editions of Grown Ups / The Doors of Perception (artist’s book)

If you know me, you know that I love collapsible paper objects. Check out this cool Origami Lamp Shade that twists as it collapses.
Paper fashion shows are becoming more common these days. Check out the selection from the RIT Beaux Arts Ball and an interview with the winner – Heather Williams – a third-year medical illustration student, who was one of about 300 CIAS Foundations students to participate in the event.
Here’s a cute animated paper meal from Yelldesign – and it doesn’t have any calories (but I don’t think it would taste very good either).

More paper food! Have you tried rice paper bacon?

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  1. Joan B. says:

    I’m not vegan but I’m intrigued with the idea of rice paper bacon. How cool is that? I’m making some soon.

  2. Really enjoyed The Lively Bookshop from Paris. I had a collection of pop-up books a long time ago. They are fantastic!