Paper Beauty Hack

Paper Beauty Hack

The Sunday Paper #183, November 19, 2017

Paper of the Week: Mino Washi

If you haven’t noticed, I love discovering new papers. I found this one a year or so ago when I was designing the projects for the 2017 Twelve Months of Paper Calendar. This leaf mobile is the featured project this month (have you made it yet? I’d love to see a picture)! Paper Connection International carries the paper in a range of muted rich colors (my favorite)! This coated paper line is quite reasonably priced and is specifically made for inkjet printing, although as you can see, it holds up well to folding too.
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In the Studio:

I created a narrated video of my artist’s book Tangential. I hope you’ll take a peek! It has lots of hand stitching and a selection of movable platonic solids within the pages (which are handmade paper, of course).

Papery Tidbits

  • Thanks to everyone who participated in the GIVEAWAY this past week! Congratulations to the winners: Julie Buscher will receive a calendar + paper pack, and Kim Ray + Randy Merrill will each receive a calendar.
  • Look for my SALE announcement next week. You know the drill… I’ll be offering specials Black Friday through Cyber Monday). Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Are you intrigued with online learning? I’m offering a Twelve Months of Paper Calendar mini online class which is a great way to try it. Read all about it and watch a video here. Class begins December 1st!


This touching story came in recently from a blog reader and friend:  “I spent this summer with my beloved cousin, Vicki who died on August 29, 2017… sad to even type this. However, before I had returned to Iowa for her “party,” I read on your blog about Cast Paper Art in MissouriI was inspired to send in a protected bag of the yellow flowers that she had requested for her party. I received a box of sweet handmade paper note cards and envelopes from them the other day. I will bundle up small packets and send them to her husband and close friends in Iowa. Thanks so much for the lead….Vicki would have LOVED this idea.”

I was delighted to discover Paper Tigers on FaceBook Watch. This video series offers a glimpse inside the studios of five artists working in paper. I enjoyed the first one with Beth Johnson (pictured here) and the second featuring Emily Brown. I wasn’t familiar with either of them prior to watching!

Rory White’s paper doll exhibit at the Leu Center for the Visual Arts in Nashville features original photographs with paper figures shrunk down into lifelike sets.

Having written several how-to books, I always wonder how readers and makers react to following my instructions. So I was delighted to read in this review of the recently-released Frank Lloyd Wright Paper Models: 14 Kirigami Buildings to Cut Out and Fold, that the reviewer confessed that it was challenging to actually make the projects (Fallingwater, the Guggenheim Museum, and Taliesin West, among them).

I enjoyed this story and can relate to the writer’s lament about oily skin (I recall my mother telling me that I’d be happy one day – as I suffered through acne in high school – because my skin wouldn’t wrinkle so quickly). This story is about blotting paper – the kind you use to de-shine your face – read it to find out what the beauty hack is!


About our Sponsor: Paper Connection International imports a distributes a line of fine art and specialty papers made by skilled craftspeople in the East. PCI is known for superior paper products for art, design and conservation work. Manufacturers, retailers, museum curators, bookbinders, conservators, artists and designers rely on PCI as a source for Japanese washi, Korean hanji, Nepalese lokta and a vast collection of specialty papers from around the world.


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  1. Helen, thanks for Rory White’s paper doll exhibit at the Leu Center for the Visual Arts in Nashville link. I enjoyed it. I also enjoyed the different origami artists.