Origami Paper Pouch Tutorial

Origami Paper Pouch Tutorial

This is the Funky Abaca Package with five different types of abaca papers.

The Sunday Paper #195

February 11, 2018
Thanks to everyone who entered the February Twelve Months of Paper Giveaway for a chance to win a selection of pop-up cards from Up With Paper/UWP Luxe! Congratulations to Stuart Copans for winning!
Paper of the Week: Winter Online Paper Sale
Twice a year, I clear out my flat files to make room for new papers, and you get a paper sale! Treat yourself to unique handmade papers that you won’t find anywhere else in the world! Everything is discounted – yippee! Click on over to read about all of the papers and get yours. Order soon, as I typically sell out. And there’s a bonus for the first 10 who order!

This is one of 5 packages: the Funky Abaca Package features 5 different types of abaca paper.


In the Studio:
This is a new monthly feature on the blog: a video tutorial featuring a paper and a project. Click here to watch my Origami Paper Pouch Tutorial unless you see the video below.

I mention a few resources in the tutorial:


Papery Tidbits:
  • Learn to make papers like those you see above at the annual Red Cliff Paper Retreat! This is the only event I hold in my Colorado studio. Join us Sept 7-9 and/or Sept 11-13.
  • I wrote a guest blog post this week for Thinking3D about my artist’s book Tangential.


How cool is this? Cross Cultural Collaborative facilitates cultural exchanges between creative people of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels at it’s cultural center in a fishing village in Ghana. One of it’s many workshops teaches Ghanaian children how to make paper from sugar cane leaves and books, boxes and other paper items. The sale of the products pays for school fees and teaches the children a work ethic and pride in self. Contact aba@culturalcollaborative.org for more information about the children or traveling to Ghana.

You can see some of the items they make at this link

If you have a copy of the Twelve Months of Paper Calendar, have you made the February project, the sliceform heart? I’d love to see a photo! Still need a calendar? The how-to content is everlasting, and they are available at a steep discount in my online paper sale.

Ladies: need some red shoes for your Valentine’s Day date? Check out these paper shoes by Violise Lunn. #notpractical

Magnolia Editions in Oakland produces some really innovative work! What sets them apart from other printmakers is that they blend techniques that are hundreds of years old with ones that are cutting-edge. Don Farnsworth, who founded and still runs the shop, makes paper replicating the kind that was used by artists during the Renaissance, and he also uses a digital flatbed printer to make prints.

This is some fantastic writing by Joshua Rothman in the New Yorker about a paper jam (i.e. a machine malfunction on a huge piece of papermaking equipment). “At the apex of its trajectory, at the moment when it was supposed to connect with the conveyor belt, its back corners drooped. They dragged on the platform below, and, like a trapeze flier missing a catch, the paper sank downward.” Read the entire article here.


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  1. Lou says:

    Love the tutorial on the pouch. Good to make smaller ones and slip a valentine or any type of card into it.

  2. Beth Blank says:

    Helen- I’d like to order 4 of the 2018 calendar plus paper pack, but site wouldn’t allow me to do that. Also is it possible to wait to she mine after Feb 25, as mail delivery is complicated before that.

  3. Suzie Rhiss says:

    Helen. I am having trouble completing my order. The cart is ok, and I filled out shipping into, but couldn’t proceed to next step. I’m working on an iPad. Thanks Suzie

    • Helen says:

      Suzie, I was (and am still) having issues with my shopping cart… will send another post when everything is up and running. – Helen

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