It delights me to witness and acknowledge the dedication and love that some people have for their craft (especially when it is also my craft). About a year ago, artist Mary Ellen Long invited me to be in a group show in Durango, a city in the SW corner of Colorado.


Washi and Other Ephemera: The Art of Hand Papermaking opened last Friday, featuring the work of ten nationally recognized paper artists. I did not get to attend the opening but will see the show later in September when I travel to Durango to teach a workshop.

I’m sorry I missed the performance amidst the works at the opening reception (but look forward to seeing a video of it) as well as a Japanese papermaking demonstration and workshop by Timothy Barrett from the University of Iowa Center for the Book.

Tim Barrett shipped this Japanese papermaking vat all the way from Iowa!

Mary Ellen and the staff at the Durango Arts Center put together a series of workshops in conjunction with the exhibition which will take place over the next three weekends. I’m looking forward to be teaching Illuminated Paper Structures at the center on Saturday, September 14th.


The exhibition is on view through September 28th. Hats off to Mary Ellen for conducting and the Durango Arts Center for orchestrating so many ways of bringing paper to the people of Southwest Colorado!

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  1. this looks fantastic, helen, and congratulations!