Need a Little More Light this Summer?

Need a Little More Light this Summer?

The Sunday Paper #313
May 24, 2020

Paper of the Week: Paper + Light

I’m so excited about my new online class, designed to get us through a stay-close-to-home summer together as we explore paper + light. Click here to watch the 4-minute video about Paper + Light, read more and register! Paper + light are two of my favorite things, and I’m jazzed to show you a variety of ways they can work in tandem! I’m offering two sessions with different content – sign up for one or both! And please feel free to share the info about this class with your paper + light loving friends. Thank you!


In the Studio: Personal Space

I tend to spend years thinking about projects, and if they stick with me that long, I usually implement them. This is going to be a large lantern that one person can sit inside of (can you picture yourself in there)? This is a 1/4 scale armature that I built in foam core. Next, I will wrap rings of reed around the armature and finally, it will be covered with paper. And if I like it at that stage, I’ll move forward to building it at full scale. The current title is Personal Space and there will most likely be a community engagement component to the project.


Paper Tidbits:

  • Long ago I had Tim Barrett on Paper Talk, and among other things, I asked him how he found out he got a MacArthur Genius Award. It’s an interesting story!
  • Gigi Rosenberg is a speaking coach in Portland, and I spent a fun couple of hours with her in an elevator pitch writing workshop several years ago. She used me as an example in this article (if you’re a skimmer, look for the picture of the giant dandelion puff).
  • And just this week, Gigi teamed up with Alyson Stanfield in an online workshop titled Introducing Yourself Online with Grace and Authority (something many of us are having to do more these days). You can purchase the replay of this workshop for $37.


I’m promoting artists here on the blog to help them replace some of their income during the pandemic. Please reach out if you have a paper product to sell that you think my readers will enjoy.
I’m so happy to be hearing from the artists I’ve been promoting – everyone has made sales thanks to YOU, dear readers. Thank you for being so awesome and for supporting artists. This week, I’m featuring Washi Arts, a merchant of fine Japanese papers, tools and supplies for artists, calligraphers, printmakers, bookbinders, paper conservators, designers and printers. They have a great range of papers from the useful to the unusual (I have used many of them, and love all of them) – as well as a growing selection of tools and supplies.

Traditional Japanese washi papers are handmade of pure kozo, gampi or mitsumata fibers. These treasured papers are fabulous to work with for all types of printmaking, drawing, collage, and brush calligraphy. But sometimes you need an everyday paper for less expensive editions, test prints, or digital artwork. Kozuke is a family of machine-made Japanese papers made from a mix of kozo fiber (for strength and flexibility) and wood sulphite (for affordability) with some internal sizing. These papers come in white and ivory, in a regular weight (44g) and heavy weight (65g) and the white comes in a light weight (21g). Kozuke papers are so versatile — they can be used for calligraphy, watercolor, inkjet and laser printing, letterpress, lino printing, mokuhanga / Japanese woodblock printing, drawing, pastel and more. This week, all of the Kozuke papers are discounted, including “cousin” papers Tatami and Dai Chiri which are available in five colors each. Washi Arts has put together some special bundles of these sheets so you can try the whole family of papers. Save on sample sets, sheets and rolls. You’ll fall in love with the feel of these sheets and all you can do with them. Click here to shop!
Design & Paper, which looks like a fabulous resource, published 64 Brilliant Paper Artists to follow on Instagram (Um, I didn’t see one that works specifically with handmade paper…).

This paper performance by Aïdée Bernard is beautiful – you get to see the papermaking process and how paper transforms through performance. I was mesmerized!

There’s so much cool stuff being shared over in The Paper Studio (my free facebook group). This week, Joyce Gold dumped was washing out buckets, vats, and her Hollander beater and got a gorgeous photo of how dried residue. Guess what she called it? Abaca on the Rocks! And Rich Gray shared his tabletop mobile: Thai marbled momigami covers the wave stand (made from multiple layers of watercolor paper), and he used iridescent paper for the traditional origami fish. you can join The Paper Studio (please answer the three questions when you ask to join – this prevents spammers from joining the group).

Check out this online exhibition at the Historic Santa Fe Foundation: Something Wicked This Way Comes features the collaborative work of Tom Leech, a Santa Fe papermaker and marbler, and Patricia Musick, an accomplished Colorado calligrapher and artist, inspired by some of Shakespeare’s most famous lines.


The News from Here:
My mother’s facility tested everyone again this week, but we don’t have the final results yet. Fingers and toes crossed there are no cases. We did receive good news this week – 2 of the 3 cases they found have fully recovered!
Colorado is moving to Phase 2 tomorrow (Happy Memorial Day!) when restaurants are allowed to reopen with social distancing protocols. I am not going to rush out to eat, but I know this has been particularly hard on restaurants, so I will continue to do take-out when I can. And what about movie theaters? My son and I are thinking drive-throughs might make a comeback!
My husband’s dream came true: he thought that our health club should do classes outside. He went to the gym twice this week for classes – one was held inside, but the second one was indeed outside on the lawn. He reported that the pool had been drained for repairs – I look forward to the day when I can swim again! In the meantime, I’ve visited my Down Dog yoga app 63 times since March 19th, when the pool closed.
Stay well my friends.


Featured this week in my Studio shop:
Alpha, Beta, …, The Paper Year (now 1/2 price), The Papermaker’s Companion and The Papermaker’s Studio Guide.
The Paper Year


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