"Murmurings,” collage, acrylic transfer and ink on wood panel, 36 x 36 x 2,” ©2024, Janice McDonald.

The Sunday Paper #496

February 18, 2024

I mentioned last week that I’ll be traveling to Tasmania in September in conjunction with Paper on Skin, a wearable paper art fashion show. I was going to share the registration link today for the workshops I’m teaching there, but they sold out quickly. I do have two spots left in my Red Cliff Paper Retreat if you’d like to come to my Colorado studio in August. We will be exploring a variety of ways to work with paper + thread.


I had the pleasure of interviewing Melanie Mowinski on Paper Talk. Mowinski likes paper, but she loves what goes ON paper. Paper becomes a vessel on which she prints, collages, draws, constructs, and more. Mowinski draws inspiration from the landscape of her Berkshire Hills home and residencies and travels to places like Iceland, Morocco, Tasmania, Venice, and most recently, from along the Camino de Santiago in Spain. She began her daily creative practice over 20 years ago as a Peace Corps Volunteer – what began as a way to document the “toughest job she would ever love,” evolved into one of the most important parts of her artistic practice. This practice formed the foundation of her book Collage Your Life, published by Storey Publishing in 2022.


The emphasis will be on understanding the structures and principles of folding origami tessellations so that you can fold whatever pattern you want, with however many repeats you want, whether there’s a tutorial for it or not. The Tessellation Academy membership has three lessons on a single topic, spread out over a month – a beginner tutorial, an advanced tutorial, and a live theory and design workshop. Topics may focus on a particular structure, a pairing of twists, a style of folding, or the options available after certain choices have been made. The goal of this membership is to build the community of tessellation folders and inspire more people to fold and design origami tessellations.


Janice McDonald is an artist with a daily collage practice (read about that here). She is currently showing work at Spark Gallery in Denver (through 1/25). The collage below, titled Murmurings, reflects her impression of all the voiced, musical, and environmental sound input we are exposed to in our daily lives. We often manage it as background noise, yet the occasional idea, note or snippet of conversation breaks through the din in surprising ways. This collage incorporates transfers of text that are indecipherable, along with elements of text that were considered, but did not find a place in the associated small works that make up the rest of the show.

“Murmurings,” collage, acrylic transfer and ink on wood panel, 36 x 36 x 2,” ©2024, Janice McDonald.


I enjoyed reading the description of how a Louise Bourgeois print (Crochet IV) was created at Mixografia.


Paper Tidbits


About Our Sponsor: Gathering Folds helps aspiring tessellation folders to deeply understand tessellations with courses focused on broad structures, theory, and folding skills so they can approach new patterns with confidence and even start designing patterns of their own.


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