Light Paper

Light Paper

The Sunday Paper #127, October 2, 2016
Paper of the Week: Light Paper
I think this is one of the coolest papers I’ve made, and the fact that LED lighting systems have become so popular has made it possible. I’ll be debuting these Light Papers at the Friends of Dard Hunter meeting in Santa Fe later this month. Additional embedded wires make these fun to sculpt, resulting in make-your-own Light Sculptures, like the one you see here.
In the Studio:
I’m excited to share the collaborative artist’s book LandEscape, which I’ve just completed with Karen Kunc! This 3-minute video will give you a nice sense of the piece.

Papery Tidbits

  • Join me for a Twelve Months of Paper Workshop in Edwards, CO on October 15th. The workshop fee includes a calendar, custom paper pack and you will leave with 4-5 completed projects + materials for making the rest!
  • I am looking for a few more sponsors for the 25 Days of Paper blog marathon in December. If you make a paper product and are interested, find out more here.

Check out these paper chairs made in China! Since 2009 Hangzhou-based PINWU Design Studio has been focused on revitalizing this artisanal heritage and translating it into new products and designs. Unique!
This is a bit off topic, but not far because I’m guessing that many of you love patterns. Have you heard of The Design Library (located 75 minutes from Manhattan in the Hudson Valley village of Wappingers Falls)? It is the world’s largest collection of patterns. I’m adding this place to my bucket list!
Ooh la la! Kara Walker’s giant silhouette’s are on view at the ICA Boston. Coinciding with the ten-year anniversary of organization’s move to its iconic waterfront building, this exhibition celebrates the museum’s first decade of collecting.
And while we’re on the topic of cut paper, check out these intricate and exquisite works by Pippa Dyrlaga.
Pulp & Deckle is a papermaking studio in Portland, OR. Here’s a great TV story about all of the facets of their fascinating business! They’re in the process of retrofitting an old espresso truck into a mobile papermaking operation. Watch their Facebook Livestream video.

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  1. Bhavna Mehta says:

    Thanks Helen. I love knowing about the Design library – adding it to my bucket list as well.

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