Learning Online

Learning Online

25 Days of Paper – Day 14

December 14, 2017
On the even days during December, I’m highlighting the companies that are sponsors of the Twelve Months of Paper Calendar. These companies work hard to bring us beautiful papers, paper products, paper journalism, paper- and book making tools, paper history and more.
Today, Helen Hiebert Studio is sponsoring the post, and I’d like to introduce my upcoming online class, Paper Weavings. Registration will open in January, and the 6-week class begins February 7th.

© Helen Hiebert Studio, 100 x 100 Paper Weavings #89

Have you taken an online class, and if so, what did you like about it? What didn’t you like? Feel free to leave a comment below. Most of my online class participants report that it’s a first for them, and I’m so happy they trusted me enough to try it! Now don’t get me wrong – I LOVE teaching in person and will continue to do so – but I find online teaching to be rewarding for a variety of reasons.

© Helen Hiebert, 100 x 100 Paper Weavings # 3

Here are some advantages of online learning:

  • Work in your own space at your own pace.
  • No need to travel (save time and money).
  • Unlimited access to videos & instructions after class ends.
  • Study with an instructor you haven’t been able to connect with.
  • Accountability to the instructor and other participants.
  • What have I forgotten?

© Helen Hiebert, 100 x 100 Paper Weavings #94

And of course, there are some disadvantages:

  • No face to face contact with the instructor.
  • No real classroom experience of getting to know others in person.
  • Accountability to the instructor and other participants (notice this can be an advantage or disadvantage).
  • What have I forgotten?

© Helen Hiebert, 100 x 100 Paper Weavings #95

Last week, I had a meeting with a business accountability buddy, and we helped each other plan out our next six months. Among many other things, I decided that I’m going to offer a new online class every winter, followed by a repeat class in the spring or summer (those of you who are waiting for Paper Illuminated to be offered again, stay tuned)! I’ll be offering some self study options as well.

© Helen Hiebert, 100 x 100 Paper Weavings #35

If you have followed the blog for awhile, you might remember the 100 x 100 Paper Weavings Project I did in 2013 (one weaving every day for 100 days). I can’t wait to introduce you to the Paper Weavings Online Class. This will incorporate a gorgeous selection of Japanese papers (if you choose to purchase the kit I’m assembling); several weaving techniques including shaped weavings and cut-outs; and projects ideas such as cards, books, lanterns and more.
I hope to see you in a class in the near future!


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About the 25 Days of Paper 2017: I’m delighted to share my ideas for using this amazing material with you. If you’d like more info about the Twelve Months of Paper Calendar or the online classclick here. Receive these blog updates via e-mail by adding your address in the upper right hand corner of this page. Enjoy the season!
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  1. LeeAnn Meadows says:

    What has been helpful to me in an online class is the ability to replay the directions. I get most of the information when watching once, but when i go to try it on my own i can go back and watch again to see if there are any details I missed. Plus, i live in a small city with limited access to craftspeople teaching book and paperarts, so taking an online class is a nice option to traveling.


    What I appreciated about the online class format was the ability to take the class at a time that was convenient for me.
    I missed the one-on-one contact of physically being in a class but I also found the online format less stressful. No driving to a location. No adapting to a work-space not your own. No outside distractions.
    Looking forward to your Paper Weavings class!

  3. Happy Holidays.
    I love your work. Have made a lamp from your book at a workshop in Oakland several years ago. Met you at the Coda show in Richmond a few years ago.
    As you can see, I’m a fan of your creativity.
    Looking forward to hearing more about paper weaving in 2018. I saved all your 100 emails of that project.
    Never took an online class but have taught one on arthritis. Should be worth doing.mbest,
    Joyce Appelbaum