Lantern Love

Lantern Love

The Sunday Paper #83

Sponsored Paper of the Week: Thai Marbled Momi Paper, from Mulberry Paper and More


Look what you can do with Thai Momi Mulberry Paper! From decorating to jewelry and from collage to sculpture, this versatile paper is an beautiful medium for all sorts of projects. Take a peek at these pictures to see what some of our customers have created using this unique paper.

Mulberry Paper and More is offering this special to Sunday Paper Readers: A pack of color coordinated Marbled Momi papers for $10.95, a savings of $6 off of the regular price. Use coupon code: SUNDAY. Click here for this special offer!

Thai Momi Paper starts with pulp from Bamboo and the discarded bark of the Mulberry Tree and is machine formed into a fine paper sheet. To create the beautiful and unique designs, oil-based paint is dropped on top of a vat of water and then swirled creating a marble design. The sheet of paper is then laid on top of the water absorbing the paint design. The Momi Paper is quickly removed and set aside to dry. It is then further dyed using a tie-dye technique to infuse color into the base sheet. While still wet from the tie-dye, the paper is then crumpled creating its unique, soft cotton fabric-like feel.

Because each sheet is hand-marbled and dyed, no two sheets will ever be the same. Enjoy the soft feel and texture of this paper. Once you put it to use in your project, you will have a hard time using normal paper again.


In the Studio:  

News Flash: if you are participating in the 25 Days of Paper (all are welcome) please join my FaceBook Group, where you can post photos and comments and create community around making.

Have I mentioned that I love the light in my studio? I have these big windows, and some days the light just filters in perfectly, as it did the other day when I was stitching the seams on these little dresses for 50 Revolutions. The first copies of this edition will be shipping out next week.



Speaking of the filtering of light, I have forever been enamored with the way that light filters through paper. Art of Illumination, part of Bread & Lights Festival at the Cameron Art Museum in Wilmington, NC, features over three dozen lanterns created by artists from across the country.


Peter Dahmen is a paper engineer whose work I featured in Playing With Pop-Ups. Be sure to watch the video about his work at the link. Peter uses his amazing skills as a graphic designer in Germany.

peter dahmen

Li Xiuhua learned Dongba papermaking after marrying and became the only female inheritor of the national-level intangible cultural heritage in Shangri-la, Southwest China’s Yunnan province. Dongba paper, which is used to record Dongba scripture and draw pictures for the Nakhi people, is a rare, ethnic handmade paper. The couple makes about 7,000 pieces of paper each year.


Check out the paper animation for this catchy music video:


Many of you know the story of Sadako, the young Japanese girl who folded 1000 paper cranes with the hope of healing her leukemia, which was caused when the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima where she lived. Here’s a lovely story about her brother, who recently visited the Truman Library to donate the last paper crane that Sadako folded as a symbol of peace for all times.


About our Sponsor: Mulberry Paper and More, founded in 2007, is a family owned and operated e-commerce company specializing in beautiful papers from around the world. Most of our papers are available in a number of sizes for any project large or small.


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  1. Daria says:

    The folks at Mulberry Paper and More are terrific and they have a super selection of papers from around the globe.
    Funny you should have Peter Dahmen this week, I was playing with one of his pop-up designs I found on line the other day!

    • Helen says:

      🙂 – I was thinking that was the place you purchased paper from, Daria. Thanks for the thumbs up!

  2. Ann Martin says:

    Such a great round up as always, Helen! I linked to Peter’s video via my newsletter today… how nice to see him talk about his work.