It's resilient, it's resourceful, it's portable, it's foldable…

It's resilient, it's resourceful, it's portable, it's foldable…

The Sunday Paper #57

Featured Paper of the Week: Grow A Note® Green by Green Field Paper Company

Green Field Paper of the Week

I’ve always loved the concept of planting paper and watching it grow. Paper has always been a carrier for information, and this image makes it look like a clever binder for seed starts! I was pleasantly surprised when I recently discovered Green Field Paper Company, and a bit surprised that it took this long. They started out making paper by hand the same year I did (1992).

Grow A Note® papers are handmade from 100% post-consumer pulp in San Diego, California. The paper hues (in a range of 40 colors) come from earth pigments, and they are embedded with wildflower seeds. They also make a selection of papers with herbs or vegetables. The sheets are 13×19 inches with a natural deckle edge on all four sides, and natural white (no color) is easiest to print. Greenfield Paper offers offset printing services, and while they can print full color, they recommend two or three color for cost and because of the nuances of printing on handmade paper. Grow A Note® papers can be used for greeting cards, invitations, promotional pieces (mailings and handouts) and packaging. 

Green Field Paper Company is offering a 15% discount through June 30, 2015. Just enter promo code HH15 at check-out.


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In the Studio:

Since I launched The Wish Project which resulted in a permanent installation in Denver, my wish has been to return the individual wishes that I collected out into the world. I’m working on a series of small sculptures that represent these wishes that were integrated into a sound component of the installation in Denver. These will be available to ship worldwide later this summer.

In the meantime, I’m going to be raffling off two large piles of the colorful handmade abaca paper off-cuts you see pictured below right. More details in the next Sunday Paper! 

Blog flowers


I recently discovered this beautiful laser cut paper jewelry by Jocelyn He on the Daily Art Muse.


If you know me, you know that I’m a huge fan of paper and light. This is an interesting story about the plight of the traditional Japanese lanterns of Gifu which show off Japanese Washi in a lovely way. It sounds to me like a retake on the mayor of Gifu in the 1950’s, who asked the Japanese-American artist Isamu Noguchi to revitalize the economy by designing contemporary light objects based on the traditional Gifu lanterns. Noguchi’s lanterns have surpassed the test of time and are still available today.  We’ll have to wait and see how the town’s designs are faring in another 50 years. I do wish them success!


A group of volunteers is planning to build a library out of books for the inaugural Bay Area Book Festival this June. They hope that visitors will get lost in a book, literally!


Check out this high-tech View-Master (remember that toy?). Google introduced its virtual reality viewer — a cardboard box, with some lenses and a magnet, that looks a lot like a plastic View-Master toy — as a gift at last year’s I/O conference and they recently announced several programs that aim to put its rendition, called Cardboard, at the center of a growing online world in which people can use their smartphone and YouTube to watch videos rendered in 3-D.


Did you catch the NPR series about paper this week? Here’s a radio excerpt (and it’s also where I found my headline thanks to Nicholas Basbanes, the author of On Paper: The Everything of Its Two-Thousand-Year History).

About Our Paper of the Week Sponsor

Founded in 1992 and located in San Diego, CA, Green Field Paper Company has always crafted eco-friendly papers. Their signature papers include Grow A Note® handmade paper embedded with seeds, Paperevolution® handmade paper infused with recycled material such as junk mail, garlic skins and clothing scraps and Hemp Heritage® machine made paper using 25% North American grown hemp fiber and 25% post-consumer pulp. Green Field Paper Company has done projects for Whole Foods, Delta Airlines, GM, MLB, NFL, Campbell Soup, Sea World and many others.

Special thanks to Green Field Paper Company for sponsoring this post and for their contribution to the world of handmade paper!


  1. daria says:

    What a great issue! Thank you for searching high and low to bring us all things pulp & paper!

  2. Susan says:

    I enjoy the Sunday posts. Thanks for all the info. I am an artist who also uses pulp and makes handmade paper. Please check out my website.

  3. Cynthia Marsh says:

    Hi, Helen—
    I would like to receive your Sunday Paper blog. Thanks so much.
    Your Friend, Cindy Marsh
    Hey, I got a grant from the university to purchase a Riena Beater.