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Inspire & Create

The Sunday Paper #499

March 10, 2024

I had the pleasure of interviewing Goran Konjevod on Paper Talk. Konjevod grew up in Croatia, where he studied mathematics and computer science. After completing his graduate studies at Carnegie Mellon, he worked as professor of computer science at Arizona State University from 2000 until 2010, when he moved to California where he is now based in Livermore. Konjevod started designing origami sculptures in 2005 after folding examples from books for a long time. He has been trying to develop new approaches to folding paper and other sheet materials, using mostly very simple folds (but lots of them). His pieces rely not only on geometry but also on the mechanical properties of paper, with the pleats generating tension and curving the paper into three-dimensional forms.


Blog reader Jackie Bufton sent me a copy of her lovely (and free) e-zine called Inspire & Create.  Each monthly issue includes: something about the place she lives, which is in the beautiful English Riviera – Torquay in Devon; the Crafty Corner, featuring some form of papercraft; printable paper(s) to use in the paper craft (designed by Bufton); links to demonstrations; coloring pages; and a bit about the campaigns she is involved in through the Women’s Institute.

Take a look, and if you like what you see, you’ll find subscription (and donation) info on the last page of the e-zine.




Pulp & Bind brings together 18 artists working across Southern Appalachia who are deeply engaged with the mediums of paper and book as a form and a concept. The structural potential of paper, its emotive qualities and familiar insinuations, and the alternately highly-refined and visibly handmade possibilities of the material are just some of the recurrent themes across this exhibition at the Blowing Rock Art & History Museum (through June 2, 2024).

Leigh Suggs, Pacing the Races VI, handcut acrylic on Yupo, 40×30 in. (image courtesy of the artist)


Ed Hutchins, director and curator of the Architecture of the Book Collection in Salem, NY, organizes a monthly postcard mailing featuring works from his collection. The theme for 2024 is ‘Women about Women’, and the first 3 months feature works from Alicia Bailey, Ione Foote, Elsie Sampson, and Katherine Ng.  An upcoming zoom presentation, hosted by the Book Arts Guild of Vermont, will provide an opportunity to find out more about these artists and their featured work.  Here is the link to the zoom meeting, Sunday March 17, 5-6pm EST.


Paper Tidbits

  • The Minnesota Center for Book Arts has fellowship and internship opportunities. Deadline is tomorrow!
  • The Crane Paper Museum, located in the rag room for the first Crane paper mills closed in the spring 2022 when the company, which makes paper currency including for the United States, upgraded its security operations. This summer, the museum hopes to hold multiple pop-ups at locations throughout Berkshire County.


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