Helen Hiebert Studio Gift Guide

Helen Hiebert Studio Gift Guide

Here’s an overview of the paper-related products and services that are available on my site (some are free, yay)! These offerings range from films and how-to books, to my blog The Sunday Paper and podcast Paper Talk, to a selection of my artist’s books, my upcoming online workshop Weave Through Winter and the only event in my own studio, the annual Red Cliff Paper Retreat. Click on the titles or images below to read more about each item.

This guide is also an overview of the products and services I offer. You might be familiar with some of them, but perhaps you don’t know about all of them. Feel free to share this list with your paper-loving friends, or better yet, give them the gift of paper!

The Papermaker’s Studio Guide & Water Paper Time

Want to learn more about papermaking and paper art? These films can be downloaded and viewed instantly:
$7.99: The Papermaker’s Studio Guide is a visual guide to hand papermaking based on my book, The Papermaker’s Companion.
$4.99: Water Paper Time is a meditation that reveals the fascinating ways in which nature and art go on changing even (and perhaps especially) when we are not looking.
$12.99: Purchase both and get a free film about the Mother Tree Project, a community installation.

Twelve Months of Paper How-To Book & Calendar

$25: Just the calendar; $50: Calendar + paper pack; receive discounts on multiples!
Do you like to craft with paper? Explore a variety of papers and techniques while creating unique gifts, cards and home décor. 12 months and 12 projects feature a list of materials and tools you’ll need to complete each project, plus step-by-step photos, templates and easy-to-follow instructions. Although this is a wall calendar, the how-to content is everlasting and certain to spark new ideas for working with paper.

The Sunday Paper Blog

FREE! They keep saying that paper will become obsolete, yet artists, craftspeople, designers and creatives are keeping it alive and well. A healthy number of people are even making paper by hand (in some cultures they are still using age-old traditions).
How cool is that? The Sunday PAPER is a resource for ideas and inspiration, all having to do with this amazing material.
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Paper Talk Podcast

FREE! My podcast Paper Talk is an ongoing series of interviews featuring artists and professionals who are working in the field of hand papermaking and paper art.
To date, I’ve conducted over 30 interviews with people such as Timothy Barrett, Hedi Kyle & Ulla Warchol, Paper For Water, Matt Simpson, Melissa Jay, Craig, Tom Leech, Pat & Peter Gentenaar, and Rachel Hazell.
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Modern Day Watermarking

$50: Edition of 100.
This one-sheet pamphlet cleverly unfolds to expose actual watermark samples. The text describes the watermarking technique that is illustrated in the center-foldout of the book. Approximate size when unfolded: 6″ x 12″ x 6″.

The Big Bang Broadside

$225, Edition of 25.
This broadside is a tribute to my father, a nuclear physicist who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. The text alludes to my childhood memory of seeing my father in church with tears in his eyes and wondering what he was thinking about but being too shy to ask. As an adult, I occasionally experience similar bouts of emotion that seem to arise from nowhere. Pigmented cotton handmade paper, letterpress printed with hand embroidery.
These broadsides are stitched to order; please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Alpha, Beta …,

$750, Limited edition of 25.

A book in the form of a unique lantern structure with a flexible hinge that allows it to be set up in a variety of ways. Each panel of the shadow lantern features an alphabet letter cutout that casts a shadow onto a second layer of handmade paper. The letters are in the Arts and Crafts style font designed by Dard Hunter, who is often referred to as the father of hand papermaking in 20th century America. The price is going up in the new year as more than half of the edition has sold.

50 Revolutions

$875, Limited edition of 35.
I turned fifty in May of 2015. Leading up to this I started thinking about a work of art to capture the milestone. I turned to a work from about five years earlier that I created. Mother Tree, a large sculptural dress that turns into a tree, as pure white crocheted threads representing mother’s milk cascade from the chest and turn into multi-colored roots as they hit the floor. These roots were crocheted and contributed by a community of five hundred.

Weave Through Winter Online Class

$145, (earlybird pricing)
Do you want to jump start your creativity in the New Year? Crave the inspiration you get from the act of making? Love beautiful papers? Have a desire to connect with others who share these same goals?
Five years ago, I created 100 weavings in 100 days, and I learned so much! I began to see paper in new ways, I learned to make without judging myself (heck, I didn’t have time to judge – I was too busy creating)! I spent an average of 30 minutes on each weaving – and to be honest, some days it was more about the process than the end result.
Weave Through Winter begins January 16, 2019. Join me as we weave our way through winter in 30 days, ending with a celebration on Valentines Day!

Red Cliff Paper Retreat

$555 or $825, This is the only workshop held in my Colorado studio every September. Come for 3 days or stay for 5!
The 2019 Red Cliff Paper Retreat theme is books, vessels, & containers. Come explore a variety of papers that can be cut, folded, stitched and manipulated to create books, tubes, pockets, envelopes, maps, bags and more.
Explore these ideas as you create unique paper objects with a dozen like-minded creatives.

How-To Books

$15 – $25, Want to learn to make paper or paper art? These five books are all available where fine books are sold.
Playing With Paper is currently on sale in my shop, because I got a bunch of copies from the warehouse at a reduced price. I’m passing the savings on to you!
Paper Illuminated is out of print, but you can still find copies on Amazon.

The Paper Library

The Paper Library is a section on my webiste where you can find resources about paper! Discover places to buy paper or take a workshop. Try my free video tutorials and discover a growing selection of books about paper.


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