Handmade Paper Rocks!

Handmade Paper Rocks!

The Sunday Paper #175, September 16, 2017

Paper of the Week: Handmade Paper

Let’s celebrate handmade paper today! We just wrapped up the second session of the Red Cliff Paper Retreat (I’ll share photos soon) and lots of paper was made by makers with all levels of experience. Making a sheet of paper is really quite a simple process, but setting up a studio is expensive and requires a space that can get wet. Here’s a list of places where you can go to make paper (please let me know of places I’ve missed).


In the Studio:

Next on my agenda is finalizing the copy for the 2018 Twelve Months of Paper Calendar, which will be available in just a couple of weeks, yay!

Papery Tidbits

  • I’m offering two workshops in Denver that include creating a selection of these projects plus a copy of the calendar and a custom paper pack. Join me at Highline Cohousing Community (November 4) or at the Arvada Arts Center (November 5).
  • Contact me if you’d like to organize your own Twelve Months of Paper workshop!


Hand Papermaking Magazine’s auction is now live. Support this amazing organization as you take advantage of fantastic deals on all sorts of paper-related items: equipment and supplies, books on paper and book arts, fine handmade papers, art works, paper experiences, and much more (I’ve donated a set of watermarked word broadsides).

Has anyone participated in NYC’s Morningside Lights lantern parade? It’s been going on since 2012 and you can participate in lantern making events this week leading up to the parade next Saturday.

Artists in New York State: Dieu Donné Papermill has an amazing Workspace Residency Program! The deadline is September 29th and you don’t need to have any papermaking experience to apply!

I wrote about this paper pinwheel project a few months ago when submissions were being accepted. Did any of you participate? This summer, Brooklyn’s Prospect Park was home to more than 7,000 pinwheel ‘flowers’, which blanketed over 2 and half acres of rolling lawn. And the inside of each pinwheel was embellished by a community participant.

Here’s a twofer: the Guild of Bookworkers is a national organization with regional chapters that are active in all areas of book arts. I enjoyed this recent GBW interview by Pamela Train Leutz with Alicia Bailey, a book artist, instructor and artist’s book dealer.


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  1. Nancy Daley says:

    I’m glad to see so many places one can make paper! However you left out a very important one… the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. It is large and beautiful with separate spaces for paper making, book making and printing. It is located at
    1011 Washington Av So, Minneapolis MN 55415.