The Sunday Paper #153, April 9, 2017

Paper of the Week: Flocked Paper

In the olden days, flocked paper – paper with a velvety raised pattern – was used as wallpaper. Today there are decorative flocked papers on the market. This particular paper is called soft hearted-white on gold and is made from 100% recycled cotton, and the pattern is created by applying glue through a silk screen pattern and sprinkling flocking powder over the design. I’m creating a slice-form valentine for the next Twelve Months of Paper Calendar with this paper, which is available wherever Black Ink creative papers are sold.


In the Studio:

This week, I made a short video about watermarks and how I created the Participate! broadside I typed about last week.

  • Have you seen my other filmsThe Papermaker’s Studio Guide is a how-to video featuring various papermaking techniques and Water Paper Time documents my fascination with the secret life of paper (what happens during the transformation from wet to dry states).
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I had the pleasure of meeting Neeta Premchand in the 1990’s when she visited NYC to promote her new (then) book, Off the Deckle Edge. What a delight it was to read about all of her adventures with paper since then, including getting the distinguished Japanese architect, Shigeru Ban, to create a pavilion in Zurich, made entirely of paper and cardboard, complete with structural columns, trusses, screens and awnings. He works internationally and created the new Aspen Art Museum, which I’ve visited.


Here’s living proof that art heals and transforms lives (will someone please share this with our current administration)? Karl Brooker, who spent time folding prison application forms en masse, is now using origami to help those who suffer from mental illness. His goal is for them to learn the skill, calm their minds and maybe feel comfortable enough to seek help.


Looking to make your inner dragon come to life? Polimind Papercraft Designs has got your back! Check out these unique DIY Papercraft Kits made from pre-cut and pre-creased paper pieces that you get to build yourself from scratch similar to puzzles, but this time in 3D. It’s time to decorate your room like never before and have lots of fun while doing it.


Knit a mathematical knot? Crochet a Möbius strip? Fold an origami tetrahedron or color a Latin square? This project, Maths Craft, has been awarded funding through Unlocking Curious Minds, which aims to engage young New Zealanders in STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering and mathematics – to take the concept to schools and institutions around the country.

origami models

I recently discovered this wonderful documentary by Mainstream Pictures LTD about some of the work of Buzz Spector and how he works with his students. Set aside some time to watch it!


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  1. That video where you made the paper with the watermark was really cool!

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