Dropping the Ball!

Dropping the Ball!

The Sunday Paper #189

December 31, 2017

Paper of the Week: Woven Japanese Papers

Last week I showed you the papers I’m using for my next 6-week online class, Paper Weaving. Here is an idea of what we’ll be turning those papers into in the class (a supply kit will be available, but I’m also looking forward to seeing what participants create from their own paper stashes)! Registration opens on Tuesday and class runs Feb 7 – March 14.


In the Studio:

I have to admit that I’ve been laser focused on developing the Paper Weavings online class (oh, and there were the holidays) so not much else has been going on in the studio. Here’s a favorite photo of a table runner project. I think it looks like a magic carpet, but I’ll call it a magic paper weaving! The green kyoseishi paper is like cloth, and the blue silkscreened chiyogami has a pattern that looks digital. Ooh la la!

Papery Tidbits:

  • Registration for the annual Red Cliff Paper Retreat is now open. This is the only event I hold in my Colorado studio. Join us Sept 7-9 and/or Sept 11-13.
  • I’m developing a “best of guide” every month in 2018. Here’s the first one I created (in 2017): Best Basic Papermaking Books is the start of a growing paper library!


And now to Dropping the Ball… did you think I dropped it, or did you know that I was referring to the ball in Times Square and New Year’s Eve? I was looking back through previous blog posts and found a good one from New Year’s Eve in 2012 in which I included several paper balls. Here’s a recap, and some of the links lead to new and interesting features! Here are 10 Paper Balls for the countdown to midnight. Happy New Year to One and All!
10. Check out these amazing woven paper spheres (more weaving, what a coincidence)! There is even a pattern for making these!

Sphere #001 by Papermatrix

9. Professor Yoshinobu Miyamoto has made some amazing paper spheres, among other things! Here are two of them.

Paper constructions by Professor Yoshinobu, Miyamoto
7. Carlos Molina makes wonders with paper, including these paper puzzle balls.
Paper Art - Brown Paper Sphere
6. and these paper ornaments:
Ornament Mobile
5. These paper pom poms are fun:

Paper pom pom
4. Another whimsical party decoration: paper fans (I love how these collapse to ship flat).

Bright Pink Hanging Fans

3. This guy is cool: Nick Sayers has made spherical sculptures, shelters and lighting!
Playing cards sphere (slotted)
2. Check out this paper cup pendant! Its a DIY project too.

Paper Cup Light Shade
1. Here’s a video of me blowing up an inflatable ball made from tissue paper.

I’ll type to you again next year!

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