Day # 25: Start at the Very Beginning

Day # 25: Start at the Very Beginning

In honor of the publication of my new book, Playing With Paper, I’m launching this 25 Days of Paper blog marathon. Today is Day 1, but we’ll count down from 25, ending on Christmas day with a giveaway!
And since it is the holiday season, I’ll be hosting a few other giveaways. Be sure to check in daily to learn how to win a copy of my book (set to publish January 1st), my new DVD and a paper ring (like the one pictured on the cover of my book)!
Okay, here we go… (to be read to the tune of Do Re Mi from the Sound of Music).
I just happened to google paper alphabets and discovered there are quite a few of them! This one is clever, because you can click on the alphabet below and follow diagrams or animated instructions to make your own.

I folded one of my favorite words using this fun origami paper that I found in Korea last fall (the origami paper selection there was amazing!)

Check out more paper typography here.
Michael LaFosse and Richard Alexander of Origamido Studio are featured in the gallery section of Playing With Paper. They’ve authored several books and origami kits; I own Origami Adventure, which I use often in an after school Paper Club at my kids’ school.

Origami Adventure kit, by Michael LaFosse

Michael and Richard have a unique origami style: they make their own paper and fold it when damp, which allows them to construct amazing animals, flowers and more. If you’re near Haverhill, MA, check out their holiday box and ornament folding workshops on Saturdays in December.
I couldn’t resist taking a peek at some origami creations on Etsy. This wreath, by  kreationsbykia is one of my favorite products.

Origami/Kusudama Paper Flower Wreath 12″/ Flower Arrangement by kreationsbykia

There is even a documentary film about origami! Between the Folds chronicles the stories of ten fine artists and intrepid theoretical scientists who have abandoned careers and scoffed at hard–earned graduate degrees—all to forge unconventional lives as modern–day paperfolders.! I highly recommend it (you can find it on Netflix).
Oh, and by the way, I’ve started a shelf featuring some of my favorite origami books on Goodreads.
Do you have a Pinterest or a Goodreads origami board or list? If so, share it with me by emailing or leaving me a comment below.
About the 25 Days of Paper: I’m going to be a crazy blogger in December, featuring cool paper products, projects, blogs, books, or papers each day. Join in the fun by reading along! I’ll also post links on my FaceBook page. Enjoy the season!


  1. Vicky Sigwald says:

    Hi Helen
    you have us both following you through your 25 days!
    congratulations on your upcoming book!
    thanks for the posts
    from very hot and sunny Buenos Aires…

  2. this sounds like so much fun, helen. i will check in all month! i am, of course, a huge fan of your books.

  3. Linda K. Fendley says:

    How Wonderful! I was looking for some ways to get more excited about Christmas this year. My friend and I were just talking about Oragami and you posted this. This is exciting. Thanks for doing your 25 blogging days. I will be looking forward to it each day! Christmas Blessing to you and yours!

    • Hibyal says:

      Thank you for this amazing site . As a foermr teacher I always had paper cranes hanging in my classroom and gave them out to my students at the end of the year. I loved your ideas especially the branch. The story that goes with them is Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes by Eleanor Coer.

  4. Cathy says:

    Judging by your first post, I’d say the 25 Days of Paper is going to be a terrific series. I’ve blogged about it on Bookmaking With Kids in this post. Congratulations on this countdown project and on your forthcoming book.

  5. Thank you so much for posting my origami paper wreath!!

  6. colleen drew says:

    I’ve greatly enjoyed the series so far but seem to have missed out on day 19, book arts (above).
    Can you please tell me how to access it.
    Thank you