Colophon Book Arts Supply Giveaway!

Colophon Book Arts Supply Giveaway!

The Sunday Paper #224

September 2, 2018

Paper of the Week: A Bookbinder’s Delight!

Colophon Book Arts Supply is excited to offer supplies for this month’s giveaway! Included in this group of goodies is: a 12 inch steel ruler, a two sided cutting mat, a scoring bonefolder, a 9mm olfa snap off knife, and ½ inch double sided tape. All of these tools can be used to create September’s project in “12 Months of Paper” calendar or any other project of your choosing!


In the Studio:

I’m gearing up for the fifth annual Red Cliff Paper Retreat, which begins on Friday! We’re exploring illuminated paper this year, and participants will be making a sheet of this unique light paper (click to watch the video) that can be manipulated into various shapes.

Papery Tidbits


I got lots of e-mails last week about all sorts of paper cuts after my post about books on the subject. This one (from This Is Colossal) is the best! Click through to watch these zoetropes by Veerle Coppoolse in motion.

Terri Codlin found inspiration in the work of Eric Carle (whose books she read to her pre-school students). She creates collage works using paper that she already has on hand, ranging from sheets of music to receipts to letters, and she paints them with fluid acrylics to create a pallet. She likens her technique to quilting.

This has been a sad summer in book and paper arts with the loss of two women who contributed to the fields in unique ways. We lost Faith Shannon, who wrote Paper Pleasures, which was one of the first books in my collection. Take a look at her website, which includes some unique bindings for that book, as well as a her design bindings, images from her retrospective (the exhibition layout is cool), and more.

I also learned this week that Deborah Sharpe Lunstead, whom I met several times, has also left us. But I found a quiet, soothing happiness in revisiting this excellent video about her work. She documents the entire process of making paper from plants and rags and turning those fibers into pulp paintings.

This article isn’t about paper per se, but it does reference the longevity of paper compared to other materials. Plastics (which many of us would like to see disappear) are not withstanding the test of time in museums.


About our Sponsor: Colophon Book Arts Supply is owned and operated by Mary Uuthuppuru in Bloomington, Indiana. It is primarily an online retail store serving the unique and widespread book arts community composed of beginning students to advanced professionals that practice, teach, and study making books by hand.


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  1. Sandy Frick says:

    Hello Helen, In a recent edition you mentioned a show competition for hand made paper in Green Lake. Wisc. My work was accepted in the Arnold Grummer 2nd Midwest Paper Fest Exhibition and I look forward to meeting you Oct 6 in the workshop you are presenting. Thank you your weekly newsletter which is educational and enjoyable. And thank you for posting the call for artist which will allow me to meet you!
    Sandy Frick

  2. Awesome, Sandy!! I love the magic of the interwebs, and I look forward to meeting you, too.