Snow Bunny

The Sunday Paper #154, April 16, 2017

Paper of the Week: Mingei

If you have a copy of the Twelve Months of Paper Calendar, have you created your Woven Paper Lantern yet? This project features two subtle yet gorgeous papers from Washi Arts: tatami (yellow) and mingei (green) and both papers come in a variety of colors. Mingei is a Japanese machine-made laminated paper

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Hanging Heart

25 Days of Paper 2016, Day 5 Here’s a bit about February’s project in the Twelve Months of Paper Calendar. This is a simple structure made from multiple pages cut to the same shape and size. I love thinking up variations – how about trying multiple shapes and sizes?! This hanging heart is an ornament created with an embossed paper from Shizen Design. These

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The Sunday Paper #48

In the Studio: I’ve started using the handwritten words so many of you sent me for one of several new projects relating to mothers/motherhood. My Mormor (which means mother’s mother in Dutch as I’ve recently learned) had a tablecloth that she had relatives autograph when they visited (she’d bring it out at family reunions, etc). The names were signed in a spiral, and between reunions,

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Pressing for Papermaking

I was in Salt Lake City this past weekend, teaching an Experimental Papermaking workshop at the University of Utah. They had this really cool press! You could raise and lower that top bar to accommodate varying post sizes. And check out that cute little jack. This press worked really well for our 8″ x 10″ sheets of paper.

Often when I’m teaching, the

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The Sunday Paper #47

Out and About: I’m in Salt Lake City this weekend, where I just finished teaching a workshop on Experimental Abaca. I like the call this fiber the incredible shrinking material, because it is. It is such a delight to show students a few possibilities and to see how they run with it. Wow!


Shortly after I met my husband, he started working at

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Experimental Papermaking

I’m a huge fan of experimental papermaking, which takes many forms of course (quick, what did you think of when you read that phrase?).

My version of experimental papermaking involves embedding string and wire between sheets of high shrinkage abaca to see what happens as the sheets dry, something I began exploring in 1993 when I was introduced to the idea in a class at

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The Sunday Paper #43

In the Studio: I finished hand watercoloring the shapes for my artists’ book Interluceo. Béatrice Coron has also completed the paper cut illustrations, so everything is ready to send to the binder. Check out this animation of some of her paper cut that represents the number two – wow, the paper is cutting itself!

My bi-annual paper sale begins next week! Look for specials

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The Sunday Paper #42

Here’s a link to my latest newsletter, featuring upcoming workshops in and around Colorado. Subscribe if you’d like! It comes out monthly.

In the studio: I’m looking forward to getting back in the studio after almost two weeks away! I don’t have much news, but here’s a tidbit from my studio building (and a video that shows you a big part of the lifestyle here

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The Sunday Paper, 1 (27),

Did anyone in NYC catch Paper Music last week, the latest project in an ongoing collaboration between the Johannesburg-born visual artist William Kentridge and his South African compatriot Philip Miller?

I’m excited that paper cutter and illustrator extraordinaire Béatrice Coron will be creating the cut paper illustrations for an upcoming artists’ book of mine. Check out this 3-D animation of the daily battles of

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The Sunday Paper, 1 (26),

This is the 26th edition of The Sunday Paper – it’s been half a year already! Today, I’m reporting from Lincoln, Nebraska, where I’m lecturing and teaching at the University of Nebraska and collaborating with master woodcut artist Karen Kunc who runs a fabulous facility called Constellation Studios.

The Liter of Light Project is so intriguing on many levels.I had to watch the video to

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Mother's Day Cards

A quick note to new (and old) subscribers! You newbie’s signed up for The Sunday Paper, but I wanted to let you know that I do one more post a week, generally on Wednesdays, featuring a profile of a paper afficionado, a how-to project, a technique or something that is going on in my studio. That’s why you are getting another post in your in

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Low Tech Life

I so enjoy traveling and the learning that comes along with it. I’ve just returned from a short jaunt to Albuquerque, where my BFF from first grade lives. On Sunday, we visited Acoma Pueblo, where we witnessed their unique style of pottery.

Acoma Pueblo Pottery

I talked to a Native American potter, who explained his painting process. It was a feast day

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On Sale! The Papermaker's Studio Guide

Just a quick note today. Click this link to read all about the Papermaker’s Studio Guide DVD sale which is running now through the end of July. A few tidbits about the DVD: It is a visual companion to The Papermaker’s Companion. It consists of 60 minutes of content, ranging from how to set up your studio, to how to make paper, to how

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The Papermaker's Wet Floor

I guess I’ve been spoiled when it comes to worrying about water when making paper. Until my current studio that is. My last two studios were in garages with concrete floors that were graded, so the water conveniently flowed outside into nearby drains. When I moved into my current studio in November (located in Red Cliff, CO), it was carpeted. I removed the carpet, hoping

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Intern in the Studio!

I had the first intern in my Colorado studio last week. Daria Wilber (from Calhan, CO) contacted me in the fall after becoming interested in papermaking during a class at Arrowmont last summer with Jo Stealey. By the way, since relocating, I’ve also had queries from Latvia, Australia and North Carolina. It seems like there must be a need for this type of mentoring.

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Artist Profile: Jill Powers

I’ve known the artist Jill Powers and have admired her work for several years, but lucky for me, I moved to her state (Colorado) and she came for a studio visit (my first!) when she was in the Vail Valley over the holidays. We had a lovely couple of hours chatting about artwork, life, and Jill’s show which just opened in Longmont.


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Happy New Year: A Paper Ball

While thinking about the ball dropping in Times Square, my mind went to … paper balls!

So here goes, 10 Paper Balls for the countdown to midnight. Happy New Year to One and All!

10. Check out these amazing woven paper spheres. There is even a pattern for making these!

Sphere #001 by Papermatrix

9. Professor Yoshinobu Miyamoto has made some amazing paper

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3: Paper & Books

Book Arts is a growing field, and there are many innovative uses of paper in contemporary artists’ books. The following is just the tip of the iceberg and documents my own experience with various instructors over the years. I met Ed Hutchins in the early 1990’s when I took a workshop with him at Long Island University. In one day, we created approximately 25 different

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9: Curved Paper

Paper is flat, right? I often think about the similarities of when people thought that the world was flat; but with paper it is obvious, because you can hold it and fold it. I find the ways that artists have figured out how to make curves in paper astounding. And not when you just twist it into a loop, like a mobius strip, but when

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12: Paper Filagree

Sometimes I wonder how on earth I discovered certain things, but I distinctly remember learning how to do paper filagree(aka quilling) when I was in seventh grade. We were living in Los Alamos, NM (my father was a physicist, doing research there part of each year; we lived in Bryan, Texas the rest of the time). I must have found a book about quilling (I

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13: Paper Construction (not construction paper!)

I love the work of paper engineers who can visualize in two dimensions what they want to make in three dimensions! (I can do it to a certain extent, but sometimes I just let nature take over – you can see what I mean in the short film at the bottom of this post). Peter Callesen has an amazing ability at this sort of visualization.

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14: On the Twelfth Day of Paper…

Happy 12/12/12! This won’t come around again for a looong time, so in honor of all of the twelves, I’ve made up my own version of The Twelve Days of Christmas. (Click on the pictures to get more information about the images). On the twelfth day of paper, my true love gave to me 12 Cutters Cutting

paper cut by Yvette Van Boven

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17: 2D Handmade Paper

Many of you know about my work in handmade paper, and I’d like to dedicate a couple of posts to papermaking. This one features two-dimensional work.

First, a brief history about how I got involved with hand papermaking. I moved to NYC in 1987, right after college in Tennessee. After a brief internship with the Department of Cultural Affair’s Percent for Art

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17.5 Happy Hanukkah!

This is just a quick note to say Happy Hannukah! I forgot to mention it in today’s post, but it begins tonight, right? I’m just on time! Since today was dedicated to pop-ups, here’s another amazing pop-up artist, Robert Sabuda. He happens to have a how-to for this paper menorah on his website.

Robert Sabuda’s paper menorah

And here’s a DIY paper dreidel.

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20: St Nicholas Day Giveaway!

In honor of St. Nicholas Day, I’m doing my first giveaway! St Nicholas, a 4th century saint, had a reputation for secret gift-giving, such as putting coins in the shoes of those who left them out for him. He became the model for Santa Claus.

Purchase an origami Santa from Louise’s Studio

Here’s what St. Nick has in store for you: – A

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23: Paper, 종이, Papel, Papier, Papīrs, 紙

When I was writing Playing with Paper last winter, I asked readers and fans to send me swatches of their favorite papers. My goal was to create The Ultimate Paper Swatchbook. And you delivered.

The Ultimate Paper Swatchbook

The largest contribution came from Lori Moritato, VP at Graphic Products, who sent me over 800 paper swatches that are imported from all around the

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25 Days of Paper!

I’m going to try something new in order to jump-start my blog activity in anticipation of my book, Playing With Paper, which will be in stores January 1st! (If you really want an autographed copy before Christmas, you can order one here (please place your order by November 29th).

Each day I will blog about a paper product, how-to project, paper artist,

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A New Paper = For the Birds!

Green Bird Paper

I wrote about this technique a couple of years ago in Hand Papermaking Newsletter. I came up with the technique after failing to create a unique paper utilizing a heavily pigmented watermarked paper. I have been fond of watermarking ever since I learned to make paper in the early 1990’s, and I still believe that it is an under-utilized technique

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North Carolina Artist Leigh Suggs

I met Leigh Suggs at the Penland School in 2009, when we worked together during my 2-1/2 week Paper in Three Dimensions class. As students began delving into their own projects, I recall Leigh casting wet sheets of abaca paper over fence post caps she got at the hardware store. She made at least 100 hollow hemispheres, which she attached to a cast paper balloon.

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Large Deckle Box

I built this large deckle box with guidance from Andrea Peterson about 10 years ago. It has served me well, but alas I cannot take it to Colorado with me. I am hoping to find a new owner who will put it to good use!

Professional Development

Recently, I ran into an acquaintance in the elevator on the way to presentation coach Gigi Rosenberg’s workshop on writing elevator speeches (how appropriate!). Her first comment to me was “I thought you knew everything about talking about your work”. I have to say that I was flattered, but I immediately told her “there is always something new to learn”. As a freelance artist working

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Studio Panorama

There is a lot to be desired for my little studio (more natural light, wall space to hang work, less clutter) but I have grown really fond of it. And having an intern here for three weeks (thanks Megan Welch!) and preparing for the last film shoot for The Papermaker’s Studio Guide were two great incentives to clean it up! Now if only I can

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Intern in the Studio!

I am so fortunate to have interns who seek me out, and this summer I have two interns who are traveling to Portland to help out around the studio in exchange for learning what they can through hands-on training, day-to-day activities and osmosis! Megan Welch will be a senior at Troy University in Troy, Alabama and sent me an e-mail last fall inquiring about an

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I’ve just finished my latest artists’ book, Cosmology. This project began twenty years ago, when I took a trip to Japan and was inspired by the way light filtered through traditional shoji screens in the Ryokan (Japanese Inn) where I stayed. Cosmology features a laser cut shoji window, and I used this one-sheet book structure to create a space in the middle of the book.

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  I had the opportunity to travel to Nashville a couple of weeks ago (where the weather was balmy) to work with a variety of students interested in papermaking and book arts. My first stop was at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, where I worked with the Printmaking students of Cindy Marsh, a colleague I met at a College Book Art Association meeting

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I’m on my way home from a 10 day tour of Boston and Western MA. The last time I was in Boston was 19 or 20 years ago when I toured the Japanese papermaking exhibition at the the Peabody Essex Museum and had the opportunity to meet Timothy Barrett for the first time, who coincidentally was featured in the NY Times Magazine last Sunday. One

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Inflatable Paper

About five years ago, I read an article in Hand Papermaking Magazine by my friend and colleague Brian Queen about how to make hot air balloons. Brian and I share many interests, including watermarks and lighting design, so I knew I would enjoy making this hot air balloon with my students at Penland. You should have heard our screams when it took flight

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The Ultimate Paper Swatch Book!

I’ve been thinking a lot about paper lately (what’s new? you might ask), but seriously, paper is complex! The book I’m writing, Playing with Paper, has me designing projects, looking at a variety of paper artists’ work and thinking about what the heck I’m going to write about paper in the forward. And all of this thinking has led to many questions, e.g., How

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Doesn't Money Grow on Trees?


linen & shredded money paper

I’m making paper for a client from an old table cloth and some shredded money from the US Mint. I showed my 12-year old son the bucket full of shredded money and you should’ve seen his eyes bulge. “What have you done?” he asked me, and he immediately spotted a tiny 1 cm square with two 00’s

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