The Unveiling of The Wish

I’ll be at Anything Huron Street Library this Friday evening from 5-7pm for the public unveiling of The Wish.

Can you see the tiny dandelion seeds that I’m blowing? The fluffy threads on top of the long stalk act like parachutes, carrying the seeds (and wishes!) off in the wind.

When I started this project, I did some reading about dandelions and

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Part Two: This Wish is Real

This is a continuation of the story I began last week about my installation, The Wish.

I began The Wish installation without a venue in mind. First came the idea and much thinking; next I set the wheels in motion as I began collecting wishes and creating the parts. I had no idea where I would install the piece, whether it would travel,

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This Wish is Real

As I was driving back to my friend’s house (where I stayed after installing The Wish) I got teary-eyed as I thought of the community that contributed to this project. I mean, seriously, it takes a village, and I so prefer working in community to working in isolation! I could not have done this project without the enthusiasm, encouragement, contributions and physical help of my

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Pop-Ups & Wishes

This has been a busy couple of weeks! My book Playing With Pop-Ups is scheduled to be released on May 1st; and I’m putting the final touches on The Wish Project, which will be installed later this month! This picture features an advance copy of Playing With Pop-Ups, which I received last week when I was in Golden for a marketing workshop. I had

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In the Studio

I have been going to my studio every Monday/Wednesday/Friday (for the most part) since September when we bought a second car. Thank goodness the road to Red Cliff is a major thoroughfare, because it is a windy mountain road and I’d be frightened to death if it weren’t plowed. It has been snowing a lot lately, and I got my lesson in parking today

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