Watermarks at Penland

The Sunday Paper #281

October 13, 2019

Congratulations to the winner of the Giveaway. Susie Hettleman is the lucky recipient of a mould & deckle set from Share Studios!

Paper of the Week: The Paper Year

Don’t forget to pre-order your copy of The Paper Year. They start shipping this week. Stock up early for holiday gift giving or treat yourself to a year-long adventure

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The Paper Year is Here!

The Sunday Paper #280

October 6, 2019

Paper of the Week: The Paper Year

It’s a busy week over here… lots of news below!

Hooray, it’s time to pre-order your copy of The Paper Year, and there’s a free gift if you place your order by October 15th! Click through to watch the video .


In the Studio: It’s GIVEAWAY

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The Sunday Paper #279

September 29, 2019

Paper of the Week:

This post got lots of attention over on facebook this week. I made this whispy thin and lusciously translucent flabaca (flax/abaca blend). We got a good laugh out of that name at the Red Cliff Paper Retreat, but then I was reminded that I had heard the word flabaca before (from another papermaker, of

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Scary Pop-Ups + Soul Boxes

The Sunday Paper #278

September 22, 2019

Paper of the Week: Abaca: The Incredible Shrinking Translucent Sculptural Material

We had a blast at the 6th annual Red Cliff Paper Retreat! I love the in depth bonds that 14 artists can form during a week together as we share meals, learn about each other, make paper, and explore new techniques and ideas with likeminded people in

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Look Inside

The Sunday Paper #277

September 15, 2019

Paper of the Week: Look Inside

Last weekend, I was a guest artist at Anything Wright Farms, a library in Denver, for their 10th Anniversary event, Sparkopolis. I set up my installation, Look Inside, between the bookshelves, creating an alley that visitors walked into. They were invited to ponder and write about the way they see themselves, to

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The Paper Year is Coming Soon!

The Sunday Paper #276

September 8, 2019

Paper of the Week: The Paper Year!

I received a printed proof of The Paper Year this week and had to make a video to show it to you! Marketing people tell me to make short videos, but I trust that you, dear reader, have a long enough attention span to watch and listen to me for 2

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Bookbinding Anime

The Sunday Paper #275

September 1, 2019

Paper of the Week: Twinrocker Handmade Paper

It’s been a whirlwind week with visits to my parents-in-law, dropping our daughter off at Augustana College, lecturing at the Herron School of Art and Design in Indianapolis and a trip to Dolphin Papers. A highlight was a visit to Twinrocker Handmade Paper, where I spent a few hours with

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Verso Jewelry on Paper Talk

The Sunday Paper #274

August 25, 2019

Paper of the Week: Melanie Brauner’s Paper Jewelry

Melanie Brauner is an artist in the Pacific Northwest who makes lovely hand dipped paper & metal jewelry. She grew up around artists, makers and craftspeople, and she never questioned whether she could be an artist and make a living. She learned to make paper with me at the

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Putting Pen to Paper

The Sunday Paper #273

August 18, 2019

Paper of the Week: Arnold Grummer’s® Arnold Grummer’s®, the August sponsor of the Twelve Months of Paper, offers easy and successful paper making kits and supplies to use at home, school, and in the community. August 19th is Arnold Grummer’s birthday. To celebrate, the company is offering two Birthday Specials during August: FREE SHIPPING on orders over $25*.

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Online Handmade Paper Sale!

The Sunday Paper #272

August 11, 2019

Online Paper Sale!

Twice a year, I have an on-line paper sale, and the Summer 2019 sale begins now! Click here to check out the five paper packages featuring flat flax, Papillon Paper notebooks, flax leather, The Maker’s Paper: Sound Blocks and paper cloth. The sale runs now through next Sunday, August 18th. Quantities are limited, so order

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