Cardboard Cars

Cardboard Cars

The Sunday Paper #76

Featured Paper of the Week: Pour Papers from Arnold Grummer’s® Papermaking


Women In Retreat: Recently, sixty women from all over the country descended on Neenah, WI – in the heart of the Paper Valley – to experience the best the local community and small businesses have to offer. Tricia Morris and her team at Club Scrap put on an annual gala incorporating specialty papers from around the area and world. Workshops included materials and techniques to create cards, scrapbook pages and books.

This year, participants made handmade papers in a two-hour session using Arnold Grummer’s pour handmolds, an ideal system for out-of-studio classes, even in a fancy hotel. The next day, participants turned their papers into book covers. The white leaves in this photo were rubber stamped with white ink. The saying was printed on white card stock, torn using a water brush and ruler and layered onto the handmade paper before mounting on the assembled journal. Each participant created a ‘Fold ‘N’ Hold’ Journal like the one shown here. No glue, no stitches. 

Arnold Grummer’s extends the retreat discount to Sunday Paper readers. Use Code SP10 and receive a 10% discount on any order through 10/18.


In the Studio:  I’m working on a new artist’s book for an exhibition at the University of Washington next year. I was given a prompt to respond to a text, and I’m looking for short vignettes if you’d like to contribute: I need misconceptions or falsehoods about issues related to abortion, adoption, and marriage. Here’s an example… a friend of mine was told by her boyfriend that “you can’t get pregnant the first time you have sex” (and you can guess what happened).



Check out the new cardboard Lexus. The idea behind this car was to celebrate “the human craftsmanship skills that go into every car” Lexus makes. Cool! Take a peek at these photos that show the inner workings of the car.


Papermaking on the move! The Mobile Mill has been making appearances across the Northeast. Here’s a great summary of artist Jillian Bruschera’s recent visit to Wells College and the way that she is connecting communities with papermaking.


It makes me sad to read this headline: “The last paper maché mask makers in Hanoi”. But it sounds like there are museums interested in keeping the craft alive. I hope it’s true!


Artist Lucy Baxandall is interested in the stages of hand papermaking – from fibre gathering and preparation through to drying – it is a meditative process during which she thinks about the work that will later be done with, or on, the paper, which often draws on geological forces as the vegetable becomes a mineral. 


I wrote about Paperworks at the LA Craft & Folk Art Museum a few weeks ago. Here’s a review that appeared in the Los Angeles Times.


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  1. Jade says:

    Dear Helen,
    I read with great interest the article about the Women’s Retreat in Neenah, WI, about making paper and books. Would you let me know if the Fold n Hold book they made is a variation of the Hedi Kyle’s blizzard fold spine? If not is there a tutorial available?
    Thank you – Jade

    • Helen says:

      Jade, it may be and I’ve tried to see if there is a tutorial but have not heard back. Sorry! – Helen