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The Sunday Paper #121, August 21, 2016

Paperie of the Week: Two Hands Paperie


Two Hands Paperie began in 1993 as a small bindery with a few hand-bound books and a small rack of decorative paper. Today, 23 years later, they carry hundreds of journals and notebooks and over 30 racks of decorative paper, as well as cards, books, art supplies, fine writing instruments, ink, stationery to inspire the writer in you, and unique gifts from around the world. They also offer printing services, classes on bookbinding and visual journaling, and host free events. Their website offers a small sampling of some of their favorite things, but to get a feel for what they have to offer you must take a trip to their brick and mortar location in Boulder, Colorado.

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In the Studio:

I’m getting ready for the annual Red Cliff Paper Retreat which will take place in my studio in September. Our theme this year is paper vessels. I had such fun making this sample from handmade paper yarn (aka shifu)! I made sheets of abaca, pressed them, cut the sheets into expandable strips and twisted them into yarn. And then I was ready to wrap the balloon. If you don’t see the video below, click here to watch.

Papery Tidbits

  • If you enjoy paper projects, don’t forget that my 12 Months of Paper Calendar is now on Kickstarter. Make a project-a-month throughout 2017 and discover new papers from around the world! I’m so pleased that I reached my goal, but the campaign is still live for another 23 days. Take this opportunity to pre-purchase your calendar and join the fun. Prices will go up on September 16th when the campaign ends.
  • On the website tour this week: the calendar project is an extension of my how-to books. I’d be curious to know which is your favorite (if you are familiar with them, that is). If not, I hope you’ll check them out!


I’m sure that many of you have read about the mystery artist who placed intricate sculptures crafted from the pages of books around Edinburgh. Well apparently her last act occurred this year: a final, collaborative work was unveiled at the Edinburgh Book Festival.
This is a bit of old-ish news, but timeless nonetheless. Did anyone attend From Hiroshima to Hope in Seattle? This looks to be a lovely gathering at Green Lake in Seattle for the annual lantern floating ceremony honoring victims of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and all victims of war.
There’s a new animated version of The Little Prince by Mark Osborne who was asked to adapt Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s popular 1943 novella “The Little Prince” into a computer-generated animation film. You can read about the part that was created with paper animation here.

A scene from “The Little Prince.” Credit Netflix

A scene from “The Little Prince.” Credit Netflix

“In the grey drab days of the late 1930s my earliest memory took shape from within the confines of an iron-framed, high-sided hospital bed. Three years old and recovering from an emergency operation, I was visited by a very kind but rather gaunt giant of an uncle in a dark overcoat. I can still see him looming above me as he reached deep into his pocket, slowly withdrawing the most wonderful, the most dazzling and exciting toy I had ever seen: a toy that awoke in me a visual sense that has influenced and enhanced my life ever since”. – David Pelham
I featured some of paper engineer David Pelham’s work in my book Playing With Pop-Ups. He has re-imagined Edgar Alan Poe‘s haunting poem; The Raven, through incredible paper craft, and the preceding paragraph is the beginning of the process and inspiration for creating this awe inspiring book. Read more. 
Have you ever seen the documentary The Mark of the Maker about Twinrocker Handmade Paper? It’s on Vimeo!
About our SponsorTwo Hands Paperie was originally created by bookbinder Diana Phillips. When Diana rented a storefront for her studio space she needed a name for the phone book- she chose “Two Hands Bindery” because she made everything with her own “two hands.”  Later Diana met Jan Black, owner of Black Ink Papers, an importer of decorative papers from around the world. Jan loaned Diana a few racks of paper to sell on consignment and the shop expanded from being a bindery (eventually closing that part of the business) to becoming Two Hands Paperie and offering what it does today. Mia Semingson and Gerald Trainor took over Two Hands Paperie in January of 2010, and have set a goal to maintain the original emphasis of the store – to offer an eclectic mix of products supporting small artists and cooperatives, to promote creativity through classes, and to support their community of local artists. Their mission – to help people make things with their own two hands! Visit their blog and find them on facebook and instagram.


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  1. Lou Ellen Plummer says:

    I just watched The Little Prince on Netflix. It is fantastic!

  2. Carol Walker says:

    I’m not to familiar with Kickstarter and I wanted to receive the 12 months of paper . I loved doing last years. But it appears I did 5 calander and no paper . Is there anyway I can receive the paper and 1 calendar ?

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